Remember to *DEACTIVATE* your Twitter account, otherwise the account numbers stay inflated, which can be used to sucker advertisers. Hit 'em where it hurts.

Also if you're worried about someone stealing your name and impersonating you... Uh, don't? It'll show up as a new account anyway.

Y'all, I keep seeing the posts saying "oh someone could steal your identity on Twitter if you close your account!"

Folks - the platform literally lets you buy an official verification for $8. Protecting your handle ain't gonna do shit.

Just get out of there - in a week, no one is going to trust that platform as a source of authentic truth any more than they do *chan today.

@krusynth I left mine up as a pointer for the folks still looking for connections here, but definitely considering deactivating in a few weeks.

@krusynth : Or, perhaps better --> keep the account simply as a means to notify of your new Mastodon home. 😀

@ImaBMe @krusynth Unfortunately then that still inflates the numbers around number of users for the purpose of attracting advertisers and the like. Also at a certain point it stops being "I'm leaving breadcrumbs for friends to follow" and becomes "I have an active account on a website that has said they're pretty OK with Nazis being there."

@monkeyninja @krusynth : As an activist, I wholeheartedly agree with the optics of it. (Wouldn't recommend it longterm.)

As for advertisers: That's on them. They should always look at the metrics for engagement rather than # of users. User count is meaningless. Quality over Quantity. If they don't realize that, they can hire me to consult them. 😉

@ImaBMe @krusynth Let's say the metrics around engagement stay the same but it's because there is an influx of awful people who are now allowed on the site because of relaxed policies. So now you still have the same engagement numbers and you have a newly spun metric of "I know you hear this site is all new accounts created by Nazis but on average we still have the same number of old Twitter users as we used to have." Keeping an account there provides an opportunity for that metric to exist.

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