Hey friends, remember how hard it just was to find everyone on here? Let me tell you how we're gonna fix that moving forward:

Links pages! And not just regular links pages, RDF-enhanced FOAF links pages! Automatically find your folks.

I'll write a full blog post about this later, but for now, here's a preview of what I've done in Jekyll. Web 1.1 solutions to modern problems!


Now go join my webring!

The internet today is made the same way it was 20 years ago: a heaping cup of html, a generous helping of the first two Rammstein & Tool albums, and a sprinkle of open standards.

@danhon Looks like Tidal just made it so you can have a public profile so lets trade mixtapes?

@krusynth When we say Tool's first two, are we including the EP?
Any thoughts about whether to include the Spawn and MAtrix soundtracks?

@brekekekiwi Excellent questions!

Well there is a place for Opiate and I’m OGT but I don’t keep that one in heavy rotation to be honest.

Spawn Soundtrack, definitely. Along with the first two Crow Soundtracks. Matrix mostly stays with the electronica playlist I mentioned to @danhon for writing CSS.

Also y’all are seriously making me think we need to trade Tidal “mixtapes”!

@krusynth @danhon Love the Crow support here, this is all sounding excellent.

@austincnunn You do you!

You *could* end up with usenet, but those are just happy little accidents!

@krusynth I am finally vindicated for keeping our company ones going for 20-plus years!


We exchanged links with a lot of these folks but almost all of them have got rid of their link pages …

@krusynth Will do!

Even kept the mid-2000s template on some of those pages—it looked better!


@jackyan Excellent! I have also reverted to 2000s K10K-inspired design!

@waldoj I’m working off my OPML file! I’m not posting RSS links since they may move but should be easily discoverable… 🤔

@krusynth That's a good idea. I wonder if a couple of existing tools could be strung together to accomplish that? 🤔

@waldoj @krusynth

RSS remains one of the best things. No way I could digest as much information as I do, without it.

@krusynth Sorry is it just me, or do the "surf their web" buttons not work? It seems to maybe reload the page very quickly but doesn't lead anywhere. Is there something I'm not getting?

@krusynth Most of them seem to be working. I guess it's just that I have a personal interest in "Eric Mill" (he was my best man!) and his href is blank.

@audiodude thanks! I’ll poke at this tomorrow, no doubt I have a tonnnnn of typos from hacking this together haphazardly.

@krusynth I'm glad I could help you QA one very specific use case 😂

@krusynth oh wow not even close! Mine was an intractable problem with an arcane build system. Yours was a typo. I still owe you!

@krusynth oh wow, no, not even close! Mine was an intractable problem with an arcane build system. Yours was a typo. I still owe you!

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