I haven’t quite figured out what to do with my YouTube content - separate mastodon account maybe? - so in the meantime I’ll post stuff here…

I’ve got a few new episodes of Enderprise Architecture going up this week! Today’s build is a massive tower for the space elevator!


(Also if you all have recs for mastodon servers for please let me know!)

In today's new Let's Play episode, I build a solar power station using the Refined Power mod, and show off the design pattern I use for power management in my factories!


In the latest episode of my let's play, we get started on oil processing! We build our plastic production line in preparation for our rail network!


@mgwalker it’s not! I play a lot of Minecraft too! 😬😬😬

@krusynth :O I haven't heard of this game before, I need to look this up! I've been playing a lot of Oxygen Not Included recently.

@nina oh that’s another one of my favorites!! Haven’t played it in a bit though…

@konklone got me hooked on Satisfactory a few years ago. It’s kind of a 3D version of Factorio. I mainly play this and Minecraft (on the civic tech group server) these days, very into building games!

@krusynth @konklone I haven't tried Minecraft because it seems too open world for my tastes (is it?!), but I've been really enjoying factory style games! Have you played shapez and Dyson Sphere Program?

@nina Oh yes! I’ve played a *lot* of shapez, I bought Dyson but never got that far into it? I also just bought Techtonica which I’m looking to get into over the break next week.

Minecraft is open world, but I prefer to play modded, so you get a whole bunch of mods to play through, which gives you a sense of goal and direction. Particularly some of the challenge modpacks like Sky Factory. Vanilla is boring.

We’re doing the All The Mods: Slice of Pi pack on the server, if you wanna try it out!

@krusynth oooh, ok. Modded makes sense! So what does it mean to be playing on the same server? Is it a shared world? Different instances but shared chat?

@nina shared world! You can interact with the other players when they’re online. We’ve been slowly building up a little factory town.

@nina Oh! Have you tried Learning Factory? It’s Factorio but cats!

Also The Wandering Village is neat, reminds me of Oxygen Not Included!

@krusynth no, but I'm gonna add these to my steam wishlist! 😆

@krusynth For what it's worth, I enjoy seeing people post about all the different things they're into! Makes me feel better connected to folks beyond just the few threads of gov/civic tech.


Wow, that image's industrial setting & coloring induced a sudden flashback to the cover of Depeche Mode's "Some Great Reward."

@juphoff Oh yeah, very industrial game, though the soundtrack is more like Orbital.

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