kept prompting me to enable web notifications every time I loaded the website and would not stop. I'm sure this is a simple bug where a preference is not being saved - but since I hate push notifications, I disabled them in Firefox entirely, for all websites.

Go to about:config, and set the following values to false

dom.webnotifications.enabled dom.webnotifications.serviceworker.enabled

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I logged into the Civic Tech server this evening and thought the world had reset! @thebestsophist has been super-busy terraforming the desert!

I finally had time to finish both of my Mekanism evaporation towers, so Brine and Lithium production are both up!

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New #Hometown release! In version 1.0.8 we have a handful of new features including:

- more explicit multiple-choice poll toggle
- ability to keep your local-only posts if you have automatic post deletion turned on
- RSS opt-out (privacy-oriented admins can set opt-out to default true for all users who haven't set theirs)
- some technical changes that will make it easier for 3rd party clients to support Hometown

Full notes here:

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A former President on the US is advocating for a suspension of the Constitution in order to install him as dictator. Response from members of his party . . . crickets.

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One in ten US deaths last week were due to pneumonia, flu, or COVID-19.

That's about a 50% higher rate than the CDC's epidemic threshold.

Bottom line: this country is in the midst of a severe respiratory disease epidemic that nobody's talking about.

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The top Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election just called for SUSPENDING THE CONSTITUTION

We should take this seriously.

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Anyone still posting on Twitter is actively helping the fascists achieve their goals. Musk is banning leftist accounts and hate speech is up 61%.

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Health And Human Services Office of Inspector General - Chief Data Officer (SES)

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General is hiring for a Chief Data Officer! As the primary organization for oversight within HHS, this is a key role in data and analytics!

Closes 2022-12-08

I can’t believe I got out of bed this morning when these cuties were being soooo snuggly!

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Office of Personnel Management - Lab Supervisor (GS 14 Supervisory)

The Lab at OPM is hiring a supervisor to oversee lab teams! This is an amazing organization to join a team at the forefront of Human-Centered Design and Customer Experience in the federal government!

Also, this is a remote position!

Closes 2022-12-08

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Census Bureau - Middleware Sysadmin (GS 14)

The Census Bureau (under the Deparment of Commerce) is hiring a sysadmin to serve as a subject matter expert for middleware applications.

Closes 2022-12-15

Having just had my first slightly-viral tweet, mastodon notifications need some desperate attention. 1) notifications need to roll up by post 2) follows need to be separate from favs and boosts 3) need filtering for followers vs non-followers.

I kinda feel bad for the folks following me for funny content who are about to learn I only post about government technology and minecraft!

2022 Microsoft Teams Unwrapped

You spent 4,182 minutes talking on mute.
You attended 15,011 meetings that could have been an email
You visibly nodded thoughtfully at totally implausible ideas 623 times

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It's not enough to squat a Mastodon handle that you never use.

It's not enough to automatically repost your Twitter timeline.

You have a chance to be part of something new. Something important. To shape it in the right way.

With all of us.

Breathe life into *this* community and *this* network by posting here, creating here, connecting here.

Be here now.

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It's very much inside baseball stuff about the "open" movement, but if that's what you like to read, I strongly recommend checking out James Boyle's "Misunderestimating Openness"—

Hey friends, it's Thursday and that means it's Civic Tech Minecraft group play! I'll be on the server starting around 6:30ET - send me a message if you'd like to join!

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