Harvest is being presented as part of Sound>Walk>Berlin, the sound in urban space program of the 2021 Monat der Zeitgenössischen Musik Festival (Month of Contemporary Music Festival 2021).
Development and presentation of Harvest has been supported by Musikfonds.


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Once the performers meet, the loops are ended, and the work is complete.

The audience of the work are at the performers’ meeting-point. At the beginning, they can hear the original four bells ringing in the distance. Over the course of the work, as the performers walk, the looped recorded sound slowly approaches them, shifting from background sound to foreground, from distant sound to immediate, and from source sound to recorded.

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Harvest is a gathering of four bells.

Harvest is a score-based work for four performers, outdoors. The sound of ringing bells from four different locations in Kreuzberg are simultaneously recorded, when they begin to ring at 6pm. These recordings are then re-played in a loop by the performers. They then start to walk towards each other, through the streets of the city. As they converge, the sounds of the four recordings combine, creating an ephemeral acoustic gathering.

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Hi. We have a new piece, called Harvest. We’ll be presenting it in Kreuzberg this coming Saturday, September 25., as part of the Sound>Walk>Berlin series.


The event will also feature live sets by Błażej Kotowski and Daphne Xanthopoulou, where they will use the recordings from Minute/Year in 2020 as material for remixing and repurposing. And we will be giving a talk about Minute/Year — specifically about time-based ‘streaks’ as an unexpected visual outcome formed by the spectrogram images generated by Minute/Year.

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The event, “Listening Back: Minute/Year 2020,” will be the release event for a new limited-edition tape, “Minute/Year 2020,” compiled and curated by Gabriela Gordillo and Sebastian Six from the recordings generated by the durational installation Minute/Year throughout 2020 (when, as you might remember, the work was installed and running in bb15).

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This Friday, 3. September, at bb15 in Linz, we will be giving at talk, releasing a tape, and getting remixed. Let’s explain...

This Friday, May 14th 2021, will be the ninetieth birthday of Alvin Lucier. To celebrate, ISSUE Project Room in New York will be presenting a 26-hour live-stream, in which ninety artists will each present a version of his iconic 1969 work, ‘I am Sitting in a Room.’


As part of the research for ‘Other Trains,’ we re-traced the modern route of the M-Bahn track, now utterly transformed by the development of Potsdamer Platz and the surrounding areas over the last three decades.

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Now that the Berlin weather has finally gotten a little bit less wintry, we are back on the hunt for the traces of abandoned railway routes. Last week, it was the Berlin M-Bahn, one of the world’s earliest magnetic-levitation train routes.

Minute/Year flyers just got back from the printers. Also got added to the row on the wall. Year six.

A little over a week ago, we did a little video shoot. It was this year’s iteration of the ‘Ice’ series — just before it all melted. First one since 2016. Ably assisted en route — thanks Dafne, Robin, Phil, and Anton. We’ll have more from it online soon… ❄️

Hi. Happy new year. Or, congratulations on your survival. Whatever feels more appropriate.

Year six of Minute/Year will be beginning later today, in Libken, Brandenburg, Germany. This year we added a light. The newsletter with all the details has just gone out. Take a look: mailchi.mp/39590121c69f/minute

Gabriela invited seven different musicians and improvisers to each be present in bb15 over one week, and to each add a layer to Minute/Year in turn, each evening at 20:20. This intervention allowed a kind of time-stretched collaborative process to unfurl — a point of encounter in the resonance of layered sound.

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At the beginning of the month, an invisible band played a socially-distanced collaborative improvisation via Minute/Year. The Invisible Band, which occurred from August 3. to 9., was a week-long intervention in Minute/Year, organised and curated by Gabriela Gordillo, in bb15 in Linz, Austria.

We will also be doing an interview about the satellite, and the work we have done with its signals, and some other thoughts about radio waves, about space junk, about the universe, and more.

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