Hi. It’s 2022. Happy new year. We’re trying to stay busy, we hope you’re doing ok in the hard times.

Year seven of Minute/Year will be beginning later today. This year, the work is in the main stairwell of Lely, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Lely is a modernist building in the west of the city, with a giant stairwell on its northern face, and the work is on the second floor.

Covid-permitting, there will be events through the year related to the work, curated and presented by Agnė Auželytė. The work also has a glittery cape this year, courtesy of Stephen Doyle and Lisa Simpson. And all impossible without @Slyka. ✨

There are further details about it all, which are on the website, here: kkto.net/news/2022/minute-year

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