Hi. We have a new piece, called Harvest. We’ll be presenting it in Kreuzberg this coming Saturday, September 25., as part of the Sound>Walk>Berlin series.


Date and time: Saturday, September 25., 2021, 5:45pm sharp
Location: Görlitzer Park, in the middle of the bowl
Admission: Free
Performers: Natal Igor Dobkin, Shiran Eliaserov, Kata Kovács, Chia-Liang Lai

Where exactly? Why, here: openstreetmap.org/#map=19/52.4

Harvest is a gathering of four bells.

Harvest is a score-based work for four performers, outdoors. The sound of ringing bells from four different locations in Kreuzberg are simultaneously recorded, when they begin to ring at 6pm. These recordings are then re-played in a loop by the performers. They then start to walk towards each other, through the streets of the city. As they converge, the sounds of the four recordings combine, creating an ephemeral acoustic gathering.


Once the performers meet, the loops are ended, and the work is complete.

The audience of the work are at the performers’ meeting-point. At the beginning, they can hear the original four bells ringing in the distance. Over the course of the work, as the performers walk, the looped recorded sound slowly approaches them, shifting from background sound to foreground, from distant sound to immediate, and from source sound to recorded.

Harvest is being presented as part of Sound>Walk>Berlin, the sound in urban space program of the 2021 Monat der Zeitgenössischen Musik Festival (Month of Contemporary Music Festival 2021).
Development and presentation of Harvest has been supported by Musikfonds.


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