This Friday, 3. September, at bb15 in Linz, we will be giving at talk, releasing a tape, and getting remixed. Let’s explain...

The event, “Listening Back: Minute/Year 2020,” will be the release event for a new limited-edition tape, “Minute/Year 2020,” compiled and curated by Gabriela Gordillo and Sebastian Six from the recordings generated by the durational installation Minute/Year throughout 2020 (when, as you might remember, the work was installed and running in bb15).

The event will also feature live sets by Błażej Kotowski and Daphne Xanthopoulou, where they will use the recordings from Minute/Year in 2020 as material for remixing and repurposing. And we will be giving a talk about Minute/Year — specifically about time-based ‘streaks’ as an unexpected visual outcome formed by the spectrogram images generated by Minute/Year.

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