At the beginning of the month, an invisible band played a socially-distanced collaborative improvisation via Minute/Year. The Invisible Band, which occurred from August 3. to 9., was a week-long intervention in Minute/Year, organised and curated by Gabriela Gordillo, in bb15 in Linz, Austria.

Gabriela invited seven different musicians and improvisers to each be present in bb15 over one week, and to each add a layer to Minute/Year in turn, each evening at 20:20. This intervention allowed a kind of time-stretched collaborative process to unfurl — a point of encounter in the resonance of layered sound.


The Invisible Band featured contributions from Adriana Torres Topaga, Gerald Harringer, Sam Bunn, Aimilia Liontou and GG, Aron Hollinger, Rosa Fürpass-Netočný, and Christopher Haritzer. There is a full outline available on Medium — right here:

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