Tomorrow, Wednesday, 12. August, at 2:51pm exactly, we’ll be on the radio, with the LES-1 satellite. This will be part of Datscha Radio’s “Listening to the Universe — Radiophonien des Alls” radio-art festival. If all goes to plan (fingers crossed), we will be live-intercepting the signal from the abandoned satellite and broadcasting it on Datscha Radio, from 2:51pm to 3:26pm, as it passes through the sky above Berlin.

We will also be doing an interview about the satellite, and the work we have done with its signals, and some other thoughts about radio waves, about space junk, about the universe, and more.


The whole festival begins today (11. August) at moonset — which, in case you didn’t know, is at 2:04pm — and goes until Thursday evening. You can listen on 88.4 FM in Berlin (and 90.7 FM in Potsdam), or online at or There are a whole load of artists participating, so make sure to take a look at the whole line-up. 📡

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