The Invisible Band began last night.

Let’s explain. Our friend the coronavirus has kept many places still closed, including bb15 in Linz, where Minute/Year is continuing its daily layering. This has meant that the work has quietened down to a spectral whisper.

However, over the coming week, there will be an intervention in the work.

Gabriela Gordillo has invited seven different musicians and improvisers to each be present in bb15 over the coming week, and to each add a layer to Minute/Year in turn, each evening at 20:20. This intervention, The Invisible Band, will allow a kind of time-stretched collaborative process to unfurl over the coming days, in a form of distanced improvisation.

Despite the spatial and temporal distance, The Invisible Band finds a point of encounter in the resonance of layered sound. The story is being written each day, as the event occurs.

And the first step in this process was already undertaken yesterday evening, by Adriana Torres Topaga. The results are visible in the video — make sure to turn up the volume. And keep an eye out for the coming days, as the other invitees add their layers.

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