Happy new year. The fifth annual iteration of Minute/Year began this week. And, as in previous years, the change of the year also brings a change in location. In 2020, Minute/Year is installed at bb15, in Linz, Austria. From January 1. until December 31., 2020, the work will record one minute of audio, at 8:20pm — or, 20:20 — each day.

Take a look at more about the work at www.minuteyear.com or more about bb15 at www.bb15.at ... 🌺

A quick time-lapse of the ongoing assembly of the ‘Minute/Year: Four Years’ wall mural at grüntaler9 — showing all the data recorded in the space so far this year, covering one of the walls. Come along to see the finished work from tomorrow on (Thursday Nov. 28.–Sunday Dec. 1., daily 4pm–9pm). Details here: gruentaler9.com 🌺


We’ve added the latest spectrogram images to the grid in the window at grüntaler9. The accompanying large-scale wall mural is also in the making (more on that later!) — so come along on Thursday or over the weekend and take a look... all the info is here: field-notes.berlin/en/programm

Yesterday’s walk was from St. Josef in Weißensee, all the way along Greifswalderstraße back to Mitte. We were up early for the 9am bell, and it was added in with the three previous ones. Here is part of how it looks in the space at the moment, with the bells and their accompanying polaroid images. Today we’ll be fetching the bell from Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche on Hauptstraße in Schöneberg. If you’d like to walk with us, we’ll be there at noon. 🔔🔔🔔🔔

New flyers, new maps, new images... on old, old walls. Doing a few final tweaks at Hosek Contemporary for tonight...

Thanks a million to Kris, and thanks to Teena and grüntaler9 for being an amazing place for allowing this kind of thing to happen. There is more Kris Slyka at slyka.net, more grüntaler9 at www.gruentaler9.com — and we’ll have more Minute/Year news for you all soon. 💥

The week-long structure of the intervention also means that the whole recording neatly fills up the most recent episode of the Minute/Year podcast. So check your podcast app for the latest (or if you’re not subscribed yet then search in your podcast app for “minute year” and you’ll find it). And else take a look at www.minuteyear.com to hear and see all the individual recordings and spectrogram images that were created as a result.

The video above shows some brief excerpts of how it all looked — and here is the grid of the resulting spectrogram images that were created.

Volume up… Over the last week, Kris Slyka has been undertaking an intervention in Minute/Year, adding seven layers of sound, in series, from Monday, 12. August, through to yesterday evening (Sunday, 18. August). The seven separate one-minute performances are based around guitar drones, loops, and e-bow tones, and they all build on each other through the sound-layering action of Minute/Year, creating a single outcome spread over different recordings on subsequent days.

From last month: keeping the Minute/Year spectrogram window up-to-date at grüntaler9.
Minute/Year will have an open minute coming up next month, on Thursday, 12. September. Save the date, as they say. FB event here: facebook.com/events/3405836201. And if you want the whole outline of this thing, start at minuteyear.com/ and work outwards from there... 🌿


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