I should mention though that installing Ubuntu was fast and without problems. The most difficult part was shrinking my Windows partition. And of course I have unsolved video driver issues. Otherwise: wow!

My Linux security paradox:

Linux tutorials: do not enter a sudo command you do not understand.
Answer to any Linux question: enter this sudo command you do not understand.

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"The take home is that regular use of caffeine produces no benefit to alertness, energy, or function. Regular caffeine users are simply staving off caffeine withdrawal with every dose – using caffeine just to return them to their baseline. "


I've read this years ago, forgot most of it and became a coffee addict again.

I'm thinking of moving to because I'm tired of Windows updates breaking basic hardware support, e.g. wifi disconnects, USB devices not working, touchpad crashing. Honest users: would I have similar issues with Linux?

I'm afraid there things would be even worse because fewer people use it and it will be harder to find solutions.

I wrote about what I recently learned about color: kooslooijesteijn.net/color-col

Considering the visible part of design is mostly shape and color, it's amazing how long I could get away in design with knowing so little about color!

Hello mastodon.cloud, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm a #designer, live in Berlin. Even after a more than a week since I signed up at another instance I am excited about Mastodon. Interests: 

Oh wow federated is updating way to fast to be useful on this instance!


Generalistic and moderated instance.