Life is not wanting to do 90% of the shit that you do, but doing it anyway.

Literally have a .5mb internet connection at my place. Universal health care and universal fiber optic broadband, please.

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*Millennial hipster wears 40’s clothes*


I wish we could learn to appreciate the little things earlier in life. When you're a kid, a rainy fall day is boring because you can't go outside and play. Now I love sitting near a fireplace, warm and dry, watching the rain (and temperature) drop. We don't get a ton of those moments in life. Recognize and enjoy them while you can.

Spent a portion of the afternoon figuring out the details of starting a beehive, because why the fuck not?

Susan Collins only cares about money buying votes when the money isn't coming from billionaires.

I've slept approximately 92% of the time between 8 p.m. Friday to now and I don't regret a thing.

It's the first week of school. I'm exhausted already and there are 170+ days of teaching until next summer.

I saw an old white guy in Bangor, Maine wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt yesterday. Just seems like something that should be noted.

I have to imagine that Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous contributed a decent amount to the American middle class dream that they're only temporarily not rich and that the poor are to be looked down upon.

Oh, uh....toot toot!

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the cool thing about mastodon is that if you accidentally boost the wrong toot on your TL, it was probably good too

Manafort and Cohen are going to make the biggest headlines, but Duncan Hunter going to jail for buying computer games with campaign funds is by far the best story.

Joining Mastodon feels like faking my own death and starting life anew.

Except I have the same username.

Mastodon is feeling a little empty at this point, but just think of the "I was one of the early adopters" bragging you can do in the future. Worth it.

Mastodon is superior to Twitter because a real mastodon would beat a real bird in a fight. That's how these things work.

For some reason I can't get an actual picture of me to upload as my avatar, so here's some Metal Gear thing.

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