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🔴 CPI 2022
Since its inception in 1995, the Corruption Perceptions Index CPI, @anticorruption’s flagship research product, has become the leading global indicator of public sector corruption

#CPI2022 ➡️ Russia 🇷🇺
2022 Rank 137/180
2022 Score 28/100

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Never forget, the Dutch invest €595 million annually on urban biking, resulting in €19 BILLION saved in public health care costs alone. That’s how smart govts do the math on investing in better mobility.

Let’s be clear — it wastes public money to NOT do it.

#CityMakingMath Source: @modacitylife

Automobile “design,” mass murderer edition. Because there isn’t enough stress in the world already.

Why don't more trousers and jackets have a dedicated phone pocket (or pocket within a pocket)?

"The [robotaxi] companies need to overcome their sometimes comical errors, including one episode last year in which a Cruise car with nobody in it slowly tried to flee from a police officer."

"[...] the mutual decay of both Trump and Facebook. Each thrives by hijacking attention and monetizing outrage [...]"

The paragraph really captures the essence, word by word — although here, on Mastodon, both seem like distant, fading memories.

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This is important — closing Central #Madrid to cars over holidays resulted in a 9.5% boost in retail spending on its main shopping street: STUDY.

There was also a 71% drop in air pollution.

Via @carltonreid in Forbes. #citymakingmath #citiesforpeople #cities #cars #streets #urbanism #Spain

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The moment Tweetbot stopped working, Twitter stopped working — for me — and I left. Thank you @paul and @mark for the epic ride.

“We’re trying to run a planetary society that needs to solarpunk the fuck out of itself in a hurry on the collective intelligence of an 18th century principality that’s heard of the Enlightenment from some guy at the pub.“

“A trio of artists have launched a lawsuit against Stability AI and Midjourney, creators of AI art generators Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, and artist portfolio platform DeviantArt, which recently created its own AI art generator, DreamUp.”

This will be interesting to watch. A lot depends on its outcome.

Frustrated about contemporary furniture not having built in hubs, chargers, cable management channels and guides as standard features. Purity of the form, but with ugly cables.

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1. Private School
2. Legacy Ivy admission
3. Nepotism hire
4. Seed capital from family money
5. Club memberships
6. Personal assistant, nanny, ghostwriter
7. Journalists who ask “what’s your secret?” and uncritically publish the lame answer

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Tech is the funniest industry and it always will be.

It's a bunch of people who think they are creatures of pure logic, but every problem they try to solve turns out to be a human problem that is inherently illogical.

The results are endlessly hysterical.

“Please rate your experience with the internet.”

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Internal messages: Twitter intentionally suspended access to third-party clients last Thursday; staff questioned when an explanation will be provided publicly (Erin Woo/The Information)

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