is transferred to Distributed Social Network Organization LLC. ( @dsno )

[ administrator change notification]
7/26 (Fri) 23:59 JST will change the administrator of from Kibousoft LLC. (@kibousoft) to Distributed Social Network Organization LLC. (@dsno).

【 管理者変更のお知らせ】
事業譲渡に伴い、本日 7/26(金) 23:59をもって の管理者を合同会社きぼうソフト ( @kibousoft ) から 合同会社分散型ソーシャルネットワーク機構( @dsno ) に変更いたします。

*Notice Regarding New Company Establishment and Transfer of Business

As of today we have established a new company, "Distributed Social Network Organization LLC.", that will solely manage distributed social networking sites, in order to see the continued development and in addition to improving transparency.

The transfer of business is scheduled for 7/26 (Fri) JST, but this is still subject to slight change.

More info:

この度、 並びに の持続的な発展並びに透明性の向上などのため、

特に最近、 他のマストドンインスタンスにおいても、サーバー費用などの会計明細を公開する流れが来ておりました。

【 / 障害情報】

We will change the mail server of because privacy issues.

We are current using SendGrid, but SendGrid has include user tracking system.
We will change to Amazon SES soon.

マストドン 2.7の新機能「ディレクトリ」に自分のアカウントを掲載することができます。


【 メンテナンス延長】
マストドンの最新版に含まれるマイグレーションの処理に想定以上の時間がかかっており、メンテナンス完了が 12/13(木) になる見込みになります。

【 メンテナンス】
本日(12/12) これより、メンテナンスのため がご利用できなくなります。

@ChristinaO @TheAdmin ご連絡ありがとうございます。

【 maintenance announcement】
Maintenance will be carried out between 18:00 and 19:00 today (Dec 7) to change server settings.
It may be difficult to connect to the service temporarily.

【 メンテナンスのお知らせ】
サーバの設定変更のため、本日12/7 18:00-19:00の間にメンテナンスを実施します。

I'm waiting for a take over from the previous administrator.

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Recently, the handling of online defamation has become a hot topic on many mass media as well as social media channels. News Article for Reference: In response to these reports, it is expected that lawsuits and disclosure requests will become more publicly known; and government agencies will order stricter enforcement in addition to tightening regulations. However, under the current state of Japan, we will not be able to handle the increase of such administrative burdens and will have trouble dealing with it appropriately. Thus, we have decided to stop providing our service on and starting June 30, 2020. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding on the matter.