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Check out this lil gizmo, for converting an RSS feed to ActivityPub. You can subscribe to an RSS feed in Mastodon (or whatever). So cool.

Thanks @ondra for telling me about it.

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Beekeeping isn't the only way to #SaveTheBees - solitary #bees are just as important. Building a bee hotel can offer shelter for wild bees, and as a bonus they'll pollinate your garden for you #permaculture style


@cwebber @mlemweb the discounts aren't as deep as Nov 1 (after Hallowe'en) but the quality of the chocolate tends to be better

@dthompson @joeyh when I was getting panels I spoke with other people in the area that already had them to get their experiences & references from those that had positive ones.

I also found an online forum where people discussed different installers that worked within my region, and people would post quotes & discuss how appropriate they seemed. There may be something similar in your area.

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.@PrivacyBadger won't just stop sneaky trackers: research shows that it can speed up your browsing experience too.

Web pages load faster when they don't come with tons of tracking code.

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A lot of people find out that the W3C's governance is fucked up and overly dependent on corporate sponsorship (and it is) and then assume that the WHATWG must be a better institution (it isn't).

WHATWG is, for the most part, a "what-the-major-browser-vendors-say/do-rules" org. And keep in mind, that's now just two organizations (Google and Mozilla). That's good reason for pause.

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Hello, World!

This is the first blog post about Marmota, a distributed and Free Software alternative to Spotify (and by extension the majority of the music streaming services)

Boosts and feedback appreciated!

@loic take 2 sets. One in carry-on (here the rules are up to 3 containers of 100 mL). I have refillable silicon containers used for shampoo/soap that would be appropriate. Put the second set in checked luggage (can be larger than 100 mL). Checked luggage will be colder and lower pressure, but should be fine as long as the container is not solid.

Leave third with someone at home in the fridge to feed on longer schedule in case the first 2 die or get discarded for some reason.

@cwebber @kity the most literate programming I did was in Haskell, which made it surprisingly easy. Feed the same document to LaTeX to produce a nice PDF/print, and to the compiler to have a running program

@emacsen I haven't tried with half-and-half. Generally I just use Whole/Homogenized/3.25%

Interested to hear how it goes for you.

@emacsen the whey off the filtered yogurt is saved to make the next batch as otherwise we'd always end up accidentally eating all the yogurt & have to buy more to start again

@emacsen that's probably worth doing. I make yogurt in an InstantPot now but long ago had a dedicated yogurt maker. Just need something to keep it at the incubation temp for 8 hours or so (35-45°C or 95-115°F). I've read of people using an oven with just the appliance light left on.

I used to make several little jars, but now I just make a large batch & put it into a small jar in the morning if I need something portable.

Coffee filters are used to make 1/2 the batch Greek style

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@Jami after bruno pagani updated the arch packages for #jami (ring-gnome and deps. thanks bruno!), i linked my ring/jami account from old phone and tested the desktop client. i've been following this project since early sflphone days and this is the first time i've gotten it to fully work and it worked great. better than my freeswitch server/csip simple combo. way to be jami devs! this is a nice application.

@emacsen dedicated file and Syncthing, SparkleShare, NextCloud, git-annex, etc?

Still not real time, but might meet an eventual consistency need

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As you may know Liberapay supports connecting accounts from other platforms. Today our Google integration has been decoupled from the dying Google+ system, and our integration has been modified to work around GitLab's nonsensical permissions so that you no longer have to grant Liberapay write access to your account.

You can update your connected accounts in

@cwebber big upgrade from the common "8 characters max"

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