I am... so not understanding #OMEMO. Why do people actually like this?

@rozzin Not entirely sure what you mean, but I like end-to-end encryption (and forward secrecy) and federated services like jabber, so OMEMO fills a need. Is there something you don't like about it?

I actually do really want to secure my data in transit; but it's frustrating to the point of deterrence that the tools for secure transit seem to frequently create more problems for data at rest. #Enigmail maintained similar barriers to PGP use for years, for example: http://status.hackerposse.com/conversation/44450#notice-52884 #crypto

@rozzin I agree. It seems like a solvable problem but too often it's made into an all-or-nothing approach. It would be good to be able to select the degree of confidentiality: none (red), confidential-in-transit (yellow), confidential-in-transit-and-at-rest (green).

Perhaps even a level beyond with an ephemeral (do not store) though too many options leads to other problems.

@keverets, I'm comfortable just keeping `how it gets there' and `what you're supposed to do with it after it arrives' separate domains—and actually I'm pretty sure I prefer it at this point; everything I said 5 years ago in that other conversation still stands ☺http://status.hackerposse.com/conversation/44450#notice-52898
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