Hmm, vs ?
I'm actually starting to like Qwant more and more, I been using it now for a while. and have their pitfalls, imo. is unviable, due to violations

@kennetmattfolk I’d say DuckDuckGo. They source their results from Bing and Yandex. Qwant just rebrands Bing results. (Qwant insists they don’t, but try searching for “” and note the name of the bot that brought you the results.) Try Cliqz. They just released a new search engine built on data collected from Cliqz browser users (same as Microsoft and Google, but higher privacy standards). Cliqz has no independent crawler, they source everything from users.

@da From what I understand, yes, this is true about , but that their building their still own search engine.


@kennetmattfolk They may be working on it, but today they’re just shipping Bing results. Cliqz (German company) just released their new search engine with an independent index, however. — a ton of info on their blog at

@da Hmm, interesting, I can't find myself on the search engine (y) :D. Need to evaluate it further and se if it's any good :)

@kennetmattfolk As you can read on their blog, they don’t have a traditional crawler. Their index rely entirely on data collected through their products (the vaguely defined “Human Web” opt-in checkbox in their Ghostery extension, Cliqz browser).

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