@kennetmattfolk nice post. #newpipe app for #youtube is perfect alternative that works with screen turned off. But unfortunatelly it's only for android. If just someone could fork it 🤔

Yes, would be nice, though I suspect the problem might be with app-armor or something in the OS that prevents it. But I don't actually know for sure, just hope they fix it. :)

@gnusocialgnu Thought about it, still considering it, thought I atleast start with Ubuntu Touch :)

congratulation! #ubuntutouch might be the best way to start,due to lovely #ubports&its community! should there nonetheless still be any questions regarding either #sailfishos or #ubuntutouch,please toot 'em my way&i'll be more than glad to assist.

@kennetmattfolk Nice writeup, I wish more people would share such experience reports!

@kennetmattfolk I'd love running and trying out this, too.
had an Xperia x for sailfish, which unfortunately didn't qualify for Ubuntu touch.

@httpeter @kennetmattfolk if you were living in Germany we could swap phones for a week or so to for me to try Ubuntu touch and for you to try sailfish :)

Yeah, Germany is a bit far away, especially with the sea between Germany and Finland. :D

I personally did so, that I bought a used/slightly broken OnePlus One for cheap to experiment on.

@kennetmattfolk @ubports Nice post. Thank you. I hope Ubports can improve battery life. That would be great.😇

@kennetmattfolk Sounds like things worked out pretty well. My experience wasn't terrible but I did have some major gripes with the experience.

@jordan31 What gripes did you have? I'm slowly starting to find the browser a little barebones, if it could handle netflix and HBO, that would be awsome :D

@kennetmattfolk Well the 2 most major gripes would be the alarm app failed on me a couple times and my 2nd, the most useful uses of my phone was making calls and texting. I feel like I could have picked up a $10 flip phone for that purpose. To have bare bones functionality for a device capable of much more seems, bleh. I wish there was much more support for the project, mainly app support.

@jordan31 I usually don't put more that 2-3 alarms at once, if I put more i may fail on me. Though I usually don't need more than 2-3 concurrent alarms anyways.

Yeah, I sort of had my Nextcloud in mind when jumping over. It would be pretty barebones with-out it. So using UT may require a rethink of ones workflow :D

@kennetmattfolk The idea and flow isn't terrible, but, there needs to be more meat (content). Webapps are heavily pushed and I would prefer to see more native.

Sadly I use alarms like they are going out of style. I prob keep around 6-11 at all times lol.

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