I'm considering saving up to a open platform , such as a . I can think of tons of usages. Just wondering, what experiences ppl have and what do I need to know before putting money into this?

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

#InstitutionalCorruption #SurveillanceCapitalism

Made a blog post, I seldom write blogs, but decided this was worth it.

Bought a 2-in-1 , nuked and installed . If anyone has any tips and tricks using Linux on a , let me know!


Whoops! The gov and some of 's politicians lost loads of in the latest . Maybe it will teach them about and such.

I've been active in and much of the time I end up educating my political colleagues, rather than actually having a debate.

They are however learning, even though slowly.


was mentioned on in a panel discussion about if should pay 3% extra. Mastodon was mentioned as a and decentralized option to the mainstream .


raised awareness on that "lied" about their end-to-end encryption. In case you use the webclient there may be a risk that someone could read your mail.

I don't use ProtonMail, but I know many conscious that use it. This might be overblown, but might not.


mentioned this on one of his shows. is able to gather creepy amounts of on ppl. In this case Amazon had gathered data on someone in the shower. This was the stored on another guys account, due to he was able to request this/"his" data from the vendor.
Very creepy indeed...


valitsee luultavasti jatkossa valvojansa. Surullista kun poliittiset tahot nujivat tämän tällaisenaan läpi.


Today is the day here in , when ppl who payed too much , gets some of it back. So I've been trying to figure out for months what to do with my pile of tax money. One of the options I'm considering is the related phone.

This money was hard earned. On the other hand I'm sick of etc. betraying my trust.

Is there anyone that have considered buying one, what did you decide and why?

Here's an article in Finnish about how finns are leaving , stating that about 300,000 Finns have so far left the platform. Often even leaving Facebook without moving over to some other platform.


Sci-fi shooter "Gerty" is now available in Early Access with Linux support.

“Based on the feedback of many different people, I am happy that we have managed to create a solid and engaging core experience for our early access release” says the project lead Risto Ihalainen.

"During early access, we plan to add more awesome content to the game.”

==> youtu.be/MiTesjjYeHA

==> store.steampowered.com/app/455
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