Voters ‘used as lab rats’ in political Facebook adverts, warn analysts

Parties are all involved in a targeted experiment that campaigners warn lacks transparency and could harm democracy
The three main political parties in England and Wales are using Facebook audiences “as lab rats in a giant experiment”, according to the first detailed analysis of online advertising during a UK election.
Campaign group Who Targets Me?, which was established to monitor online political ads, has been examining how parties used Facebook before the election was called and in the first week of the campaign. It has found all three parties trialling subtly different messages, images and even colours as they seek to learn what resonates with voters.
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As prime minister, I refuse to let Catalan separatists undermine Spanish democracy | Pedro Sánchez… #Catalonia #Spain #Europe #Worldnews

Ok, bought an phone. My goal is to eventually return to a phone. The hardware isn't really there on something like and the software is in 'beta' stage.

Don't get me wrong, it works, but I had issues with , phone overheating, frail construction of the and some minor software bugs.

feels a lot more polished, however, their app support isn't much better, imo.

of greenlights attack on the of .
Well, this is not suprising, the Turks hate the Kurds and the Kurds hate the Turks. I've listened to Turks and Kurds talk about each other, it's not always kind words I hear.

I think we might soon hear about a Syrian & Kurdish deal..


Hmm, my has now gotten it's mic broken, and the batterylife is starting to become unbareably bad. I'm looking into a new phone able to run a software os. Also, an os as 'foss' as possible, such as .

Right now theres not that many options, is out, but doesn't have a port, while does have one, but their phone isn't released.

Aah, the agony! I won't buy an phone that is inherently anti and anti

I might be a ... Always defined myself as . I searched online for answers and came up with confusion

Usually the difference is that polyglots have a interest in language learning. I speak 4-5 languages, I try to maintain them, and I've grown up with many languages. Currently I'm supposed to start Polish courses in a week.

BUT I personally despise learning in an academic way, which is a bigger topic.

Is there a hybrid term for Polyglot and multilingual, ? :D

"Where is the freedom if you use Free Software but proprietary cloud services?"

@nextcloud can compete with proprietary data silos like O365, Google, Dropbox, iCloud, because they are standing on the shoulders of giants and can use all of the fantastic #FOSS innovations: With Free Software they are more then #Nextcloud. They are a big #community and together we can compete with these companies.

Great talk by @Karlitschek "How I forked my own project" at #libreplanet

death of a former Star Trek actor 

the next generation episode s03e16 is funny and heart breaking. Always brings tears to my eyes.

Voisiko ja päättää jo... Joskus saa samanpäivän aikana jopa lukea 'tutkimustietoa' joka tuntuu ristiriitaiselta, vaikkakin artikklat eivät 100% kata samaa aihetta. Median poliittisuus näkyy kyllä..


Hmm, re-labelling products just because they sound like meat based alternatives in . On the one hand the product description should be clear that it's say soy milk not milk, but after that, I don't se the Australian point. Why couldn't I name my product what I want?

It feels like the Australian gov se it's ppl like mindless sheep that needs the benevolent protection of the gov. Incl in the expansion also talked about.


Just thought this was :D. sells bombs to the to be used for the quoted purpose. When the rebels do the same, but without killing any innocent civilians, then it's horroble x). Oh America..

“These attacks against critical infrastructure endanger civilians, are unacceptable, and sooner or later will result in innocent lives being lost,” the embassy quoted Ambassador John Abizaid as saying in a Twitter post.



and , especially pre-history is absolutley facinating! However, it's not without controversy. I hate the fact that modern views must come in the way of discussions. History is not always pretty, it's not always politically correct, but also has a sense of irony that may make you smile at the end after all.


WIRED: "The Fairphone 3 actually has 2019 smartphone specs... the Dutch social enterprise company looks like it has its breakthrough product." #DareToCare

#TheEconomist reported:

> If every Westerner held in #Libra an amount equal to one-tenth of their bank deposits today, the new currency outstanding would be worth over $2trn.

That means Westerners have $20trn in bank deposits. Does that mean that if just all Westerners adopted #Bitcoin 100%, there would be only 0.000001 BTC or one "bit" per person? That is only 100 satoshis, the smallest unit. 100 units per person is not very good.
Perhaps we should start thinking about a softfork to fix this.

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