violent far-right in finland 

I'm not interested in real estate atm with covid etc. but a follow I can do :)

Been a little inactive lately on , but just yell to the empthy universe again.

I've been doing in the 'wrong' way. I've learned some 50+ words and am watching a on DPRK slave labor. Can't really understand much, but the fact that I pick up on key words is just so rewarding :D . Just makes me question, learned more watching kdrama than I would in school. :D

God I hate language , they never get their right.. How is this so hard? Currently watching 'Greatest Events of in colour', but there are other examples. I'm wondering why this is a common thing? Lack of funding for the animations department? ... Frustrating to no end. I'm used to a certain professionalism in educational content and not taking the viewer for an idiot. :)

Minulla on hieman tappoaikaa ja kävelen ympäri Turkua. Paljon muistoja tässä paikassa, ei tule enään niin usein käytyä 'kaupungissa'.

Never-mind, got mine shipped, got the automated message. Maybe someone int he cosmos heard me :)

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Hmm, I see others are getting their . However, ever since I paid for it 5th may I haven't heard anything, 9 days ago I sent their sales an e-mail and haven't heard from them. Plan to send another e-mail. Just asked on the progress and has it shipped. So I'm wondering whats going on.. This normal?

Best quote of the week;

"You fools! Don't you realize what it means if the remain? Don't you remember your history? The last time the Chinese came, they stayed a thousand years. The are foreigners. They are weak. is dying. The white man is finished in Asia. But if the Chinese stay now, they will never go. As for me, I prefer to sniff French shit for five years than to eat Chinese shit for the rest of my life." - Ho Chi Minh in 1946

Just deleted my main & account. Made a channel back up and will now start experimenting with alternatives! :)

I'm biased against the , really ugly sounding, so when I hear it in film my eyes roll. new series, Into the Night is actually really good!! ;D

Ursäkta till alla från , men från en utomståendes perspektiv ser Anders Tegnells kommentarer över hela krisen ut som idiot förklaringar att försvara sitt egna jobb och position.

Andra länder som tagit åtgärder, har en mycket mildare dödlighet än den i Sverige. De e som att se på hur experimentet i Sverige skitit på sej och nu börjar andra länder behandla Sverige som Europas pest näste.

Kanske ja kommer ännu bli fel bevisad, får se.


Following the news from around the world about . What how and are communicating and deal with this feels very foreign to what I'm used to. I should probably visit these countries at some point, post-corona...

Turned someone over to today, where surprised at how surprised they where when all their stuff worked better on then 10 :D

I'm sitting and watching the ... Why do keep electing of one sort or another.
I mean, I remember when put his son on that Ukrainian oil companies board and he's not the first. Look at doling out favors for his kids.

How can the ever get a good president if it's citizens wont take these elections seriously.. Mind boggling..

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