Hmm, amaizing! is really unique and their sociaty is more socialism than the much later attempts, but with the difference that their system worked.


fanien mielestä "Häntä on kohdeltu samalla tavalla kuin muitakin ihmisiä.".

Eikö tämä ole lain tarkoitus?
6§ perustuslaissa sanoo "Ihmiset ovat yhdenvertaisia lain edessä."

Eli koska on rikas julkisuuden henkilö niin pitäisi tulla kohdelluksi eri lailla?

Tuntuu allistyttävältä...


Pilot safely lands Ural Airlines plane outside Moscow after engines take hit in bird collision

Russia has hailed a miracle after a plane carrying 233 passengers made an emergency landing in a cornfield outside Moscow having struck a flock of birds shortly after takeoff.

On Thursday the Ministry of Health said nobody had been killed but 23 people had sustained injuries when the Ural Airlines Airbus 321 came down in a field south-east of Moscow after its engines were disrupted in a collision with a flock of gulls.… #Russia #Airtransport #Airlineindustry #Europe #Business #Worldnews

should before #2045? Sounds impossible, needs tobse some really strong growth in order to be able to merge as a somewhat equal partner. needs to be lifted for growth to happen.



Jyske Bank will effectively pay borrowers 0.5% a year to take out a loan

A Danish bank has launched the world’s first negative interest rate mortgage – handing out loans to homeowners where the charge is minus 0.5% a year.

Negative interest rates effectively mean that a bank pays a borrower to take money off their hands, so they pay back less than they have been loaned.… #Mortgagerates #Denmark #Mortgages #Europe #Banking #Business #Property #Money #Banksandbuildingsocieties

Dumb ! I'm looking again at my own habits and I'm wondering how fish factor into the , is it better or worse?
I seem to have found a company producing fish foods from finnish . I'm wondering if I should buy a batch and replace my current mainly chicken/cow/pig meat. I have already halved my meat consumption.

koetaan hyödyllisemmäksi kuin mitä itse olin ajatellut! Vaikkakin Ruotsin kuningas pari oli mauton vihje elitismiin Yleltä.

Ilmeisesti oli se tärkein osa alue mihin väki koki tarvitsevansa kieltä.


Holy something! on a rocky and forrested hill in a heatwave for 4+h.... I feel extreamly beat and will probably feel this tomorrow. Much better than @ the or going out for a .

colliding with and . Imo, this is the wrong approah to . Because poverty is bad for the . This also serves to a in theory good cause.

Kicking ppl from their land into even deeper than previous povery, will just make them more desperate to survive, at any means. Even if it means destroying habitats etc.



Think is growing on, I'm... I'm... starting to like it... :O

Hmm, what if the Houtis fire a missile @ a ship? This sounds a little like putting your troops into a hoping something will hit them.



Well, after testing with on my 2-in-1 for a while, I guess it 'workes' even though it has rough edges. While, same experience on Ubuntu wasn't as good, ime. :)

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