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Unsubscribed from and and started testing . Really like documentaries and has for long been my goto streaming platform. What's really good is I can stream in with privacy settings turned on, while the bad is that there isn't as many docs for as I hoped, but the price was 12€/year so 1€/month, which is not bad.

Gotten into series on . Really love Korean stuff, but it's really hard to follow the texting, they speak really fast and in addition I'm dyslexic... :D

is going to get worse in . The thing to do here is not to keep once head cool and remember this is only a warning shot across by . There have been far far worse pandemics in history that have killed 30-60% of the populations of Europe, somethimes even more. After I hope govs will start taking preparations more seriously.

Does anyone know of some that can toggle the physical keyboard on and off?

I have a 2-in-1 and it's annoying if you just want to grap the damn thing and move it to the next room, but you hit a bunch of keys and the thing stops working or something. Moving it around feels atm so delicate. I don't always need the physical keyboard..

How do you quit ? It's my last holdout. I need to replace it somehow..

Hyvä artikkeli kirjoittanut , ei ole niin paha kuin moni pelkää. Se on influenssan tasolla ja enemmistö kuolleista on vanhempia, muuta sairastavia tai tupakoivia ihmisiä. Eli perusterveessä ihmisessä oireet ovat usein lieviä. :)


Ungefär 3år sen avbröt jag mina studier och en av de värsta sakerna under min studietid var att jag totalt missta mitt i böcker. Sakta men säkert har ja börja läsa & lära mej åter, huvudsakligen och . :)

Idag har jag läst 63 sidor av Stormaktens sista krig. Vilket är stort nån med .

Bernie Sanders is perhaps a bigger threat to neoliberalism than any other person in recent history.

His flagship proposal is Medicare For All, is opposed perhaps more fiercely by American Medical Association than any other organisation.

Ironically, Milton Friedman, the key theorist of neoliberalism, criticised AMA more than perhaps any other organisation.

I want #Fairphone and #pinephone to have a baby. I'd throw a lot of money at an ethically sourced Linux phone.

argues against the claims of back doors. My personal view is that every country will mandate by law companies do as their respective govts want. Thus I expect Huawei to have no more or less than say a or product.

The only solution is imo


Having halved my during the past year, this year I will try to improve sorting my . Problem is, that I'm a creature of habit and things work best once I teach my subconscious new environmentally friendly habits.

So knowing this, having a bunch of separate buckets on my kitchen floor to trip over isn't going to work. Space being a big limitation, I'm looking for space conserving solutions to sort my , before throwing it out. Any ideas?

is the best universe on the . I am, again, for progably the 300th time, binging the series.... what's wrong with me??

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