Got my new shiny 2 a few hours ago. Almost the first second after opening the package I started nuking . I downloaded the installer, and 10 min later, I had touch, running on my phone.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous borking/bricking my new 400€ phone. I followed the installer's instructions to the letter and everything worked. I can make phone calls and the basics. I need to write up some sort of more detailed review when I get the time.

Is trying to get a win? I'm a bit sceptical when I read advocating for . He makes it sound like ppl are sheep that become completly influenced by . Personally I think is the best tool against . Teaching ppl to spot "fake news" instead of abdicating this responsibility to big brother.


If you use a on , then is a must. I've tested & both of which are complete shit in comparison, sorry for the wording, but they are kilometers away from Elementary. Kudos to the Elementary!

I've also tried & without luck, both of which where supposed to work well with . Check out my link for more :)


Todii, nytt oon hankinu itelleni uuen kännyn. Eli semmonen kakkonen. Pitis vaan heitää joku toine käyttis siihe, mietii vaan ett mikä :D

Earlier I where considering , but it's a bit expencive, considering I probably have to pay 24% VAT on it. So I started looking around, the 2 seems decent, though only 2 gigs of memory. I could flash Lineage OS or Ubuntu touch on it.

How is it from a standpoint? Any better than run of the mill ?

Can boot partitions by default? If no, then which is the best way? I've been reading the net on the subject, there's lots of different advice, some really old.

Meanwhile in ... China is apparently using and non respecting systems to log "breedready" status of in .

It sound sick to me, such things should not be logged, same as it is illegal here to ask about ones military service, possible pregnancy etc when at an intervju, as an example.



I'm considering saving up to a open platform , such as a . I can think of tons of usages. Just wondering, what experiences ppl have and what do I need to know before putting money into this?

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

#InstitutionalCorruption #SurveillanceCapitalism

Made a blog post, I seldom write blogs, but decided this was worth it.

Bought a 2-in-1 , nuked and installed . If anyone has any tips and tricks using Linux on a , let me know!


Whoops! The gov and some of 's politicians lost loads of in the latest . Maybe it will teach them about and such.

I've been active in and much of the time I end up educating my political colleagues, rather than actually having a debate.

They are however learning, even though slowly.


was mentioned on in a panel discussion about if should pay 3% extra. Mastodon was mentioned as a and decentralized option to the mainstream .


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