I'm curious about the , there's, at least over here, a that all pirate party ppl are libertarian hippies. Is this true? Because the rest of their program, especially their "value" seem attractive.Though all that crap doesn't.

Hmm.. Been thinking about my problem. I tend to generally use things 'until they break'. With, phones, this is usually till they become unusable. My phone is not still there. But I really love my . My current thinking is to buy a new one, but only start usinh it after my current one breaks. The impact of throwing away phones is also relevant.

My flew into the floor by accident a month back. Screen low-to-medium damaged, still fully usable, but annoying. I yelled many bad words when it happened :D

I'm so in love with this device I'm considering buying another of these devices with on it. Feels like I should suffer on not spend the money, though if I do I support guys making

안녕하세요, 저는 켄넷입니다! :D hard to spell as a

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I am very slowly learning , by having fun & bindgeing tons of kdrama. :D
Starting to get to the point where I might want to take a on the subject. Though I hate the typical class that is really heavy on repetition and useless theory. I really like to play around and just make a mess of things linguistically without pressure to actually learn/perform. Any suggestions, tips etc?

Hmm.. My running seems to have an issue where phone/SMS stops working after 1-2 days. Was worse on ota14.

Vilken idiot... hur kunde man inte anta det värsta o bereda sig andå? och hantering av är extremt amatörigt, allmänt bondsförnuft redan borde berätta att beredskap är där för NÄR saker skiter sig, inte IFALL. Nå, svenskarna får nu själva lida för sina egna val, hoppas de e värt de.


I'm not interested in real estate atm with covid etc. but a follow I can do :)

Been a little inactive lately on , but just yell to the empthy universe again.

I've been doing in the 'wrong' way. I've learned some 50+ words and am watching a on DPRK slave labor. Can't really understand much, but the fact that I pick up on key words is just so rewarding :D . Just makes me question, learned more watching kdrama than I would in school. :D

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