I've been running my for a while now, running on it, by . I'm on a trip abroad, and decided to completly rely on this . Everythings works, I'm fine!

The phones gps doesn't work, at least the app doesn't recognize it. I managed to navigate using a map on my phone without gps, but I've come to rely on gps, so I was a bit nervous. Also the batterylife, there are regulations that prevent me from bringing too many extra batteries. is (y)

on uusin uutinen yhtiöltä. Minun mielestä tämä on uhka ihmisten . Tämä uhkaa myös viedä sen rahapoliittisenvallan mitä sillä nytt jo on, ja vie suuren osan tästä pienen vähemmistön käsiin.


Whoops, went and borked my nextcloud install... :s x)... well nuke and pave. It's easy when I'm the only user. :P

, and is out there. However, i'm sceptical about how well both industry self regulating and governmen regulation can be. Ppl spreading this stuff will always adapt and find a way. Ppl who want to listen to this stuff will.

Personally I think educating ppl to think critically about news will be more effective.


Tämä tuntuu hieman keskustelusta, missä on pahis. Nytt on Suomessa suurennuslasin alla.

Se mikä koko tässä keskustelussa hämmentää on miksi Kiina? käyttää esim. tuotteita joka paikassa, on ostettu valtavasti ulkomailta muuta kalustoa muilta maista, kuin Kiina. ja ei ole sen luotettavempia omasta mielestä.


I haven't got an awnser, but am wondering. Where does the border lie? is a thing that many find offensive. is usually seen to be in the public domain, for all. On the other hand, I've heard before opinions bordering on , by implying you can only take influence into your own culture by similar cultures (only european as european for example). What is appropriation, what is legit influence, what is racism?



I think it ironical that for years denied they intended to . They claimed Assange & fears where unfounded. The moment he's out of the embasy he's facing extradition to


I recently where in a few debates around . I might not have been as good at arguing for my stance as I hoped. This article/OpEd argues better than me. :)
I'm sorry if I've beaten this horse to death already, but I found this article really good.


I got a bit of flack last when I commented on . This article is not directly about that, but instead related to it. Basically, I called Veganism unethical for being too extreme. I think it will lead to more animal deaths, than what the ideology intends. One argument for this is the unfortunate fact that we live in a market economy. If there is no need for a certain animal, it will be killed. Like in . Please se my last toot on subject for more.


is complete shit again, today the 801 buss didn't even bother showing up, had to walk home.

Meanwhile in ... Spain is probably the only country in the that has currently serving elected politicians in jail. How can they not be defined as political prisoners


Sääli että toimii poliisina politiikassa. Mietityttää jos ne antaa omien intressiensä kallistaa/vaikuttaa tiettyyn suntaan.


is declining on certain countries are worse at this than others. Combine this with and you could actually be looking at the prospect of turning Earth into a Mars-like planet.

I'm no hippie or extremist when it comes to this topic, hell I'm even of the opinion that is unethical (though Vegetarianism is not). However, I do think the signs are clear and something should be done.

published report:

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