is the best universe on the . I am, again, for progably the 300th time, binging the series.... what's wrong with me??

I would probably be one of those in , scary to think and happy to live in , hopefully Finland will last for another 102 years.




A bit of shameless plugging, 5.1 was recently released. I decided to try it out on my 2-in-1. I focus on reviewing from a perspective. Check out the link if interested.

Wink Wink ;) @elementary


Huhhuh, har börja höra på podcasts, däribland även såna ifrån .

Som nån som inga e upp vuxen med de språket så de låter väldigt fullt vissa ggr att höra på den 'moderna' Sveriges svenskan. Massa icke låneord osv. som på många sätt gör sverigessvenskan mindre förståelig än norskan, vilket är ironiskt.

Sen åter ha man fått höra klagomål att man använder finska låneord, dock inte i samma kvantitet.

Funderar är det utveckling el avveckling?

Winter is here (pic) 

Tagi ein kaffe, allt e vitt, fråståga fönstär, -2 uute me snöö... Aah, första vintär mårån hehär oore.. :) <3

Hmm, vs ?
I'm actually starting to like Qwant more and more, I been using it now for a while. and have their pitfalls, imo. is unviable, due to violations

Interesting! First time I come across asaterm, I've heard this described before, but not with this term.


Gaah!! I never remember the keyboard shortcut to create symlinks in , all searches that I make are always useless, until page 4 or 5 on the search engine.

Could someone pls give me a quick awnser? I'll try to put it down on a postit this time :D

Ok, bought an phone. My goal is to eventually return to a phone. The hardware isn't really there on something like and the software is in 'beta' stage.

Don't get me wrong, it works, but I had issues with , phone overheating, frail construction of the and some minor software bugs.

feels a lot more polished, however, their app support isn't much better, imo.

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