valitsee luultavasti jatkossa valvojansa. Surullista kun poliittiset tahot nujivat tämän tällaisenaan läpi.


Today is the day here in , when ppl who payed too much , gets some of it back. So I've been trying to figure out for months what to do with my pile of tax money. One of the options I'm considering is the related phone.

This money was hard earned. On the other hand I'm sick of etc. betraying my trust.

Is there anyone that have considered buying one, what did you decide and why?

Here's an article in Finnish about how finns are leaving , stating that about 300,000 Finns have so far left the platform. Often even leaving Facebook without moving over to some other platform.


Sci-fi shooter "Gerty" is now available in Early Access with Linux support.

“Based on the feedback of many different people, I am happy that we have managed to create a solid and engaging core experience for our early access release” says the project lead Risto Ihalainen.

"During early access, we plan to add more awesome content to the game.”


#gaming #IndieGame #Gerty #Steam #SpawnPoint #HumbleStore #RistoIhalainen #DRMfree

The clock is 01:35 and I should wake-up 03:30...

My feelings are mixed when it comes to . Though there seems to merit to his original fears, when he originally went to the embassy. There have been back and forth reports about over the years, alledging links to on the part of Wikileaks to the trying play hard ball in order to get him, so they can make an example of him.


Viimeisen puolenvuoden aikana kun Kiinasta olen tilannut tavaraa niin on paketti tullut kahdessa viikossa Venäjän kautta. Paketissa ollut Venäjän merkinnät. Mietin jos paketitovat tulleet tämän yhteyden kautta. :)


The infrastructure for tyrany is being build, even though ppl's freedoms are still in place. If you have a infrastructure for potential human rights abuse, how long will it take for the ppl to vote in a government that is willing to abuse them?


USA voting machines can be easily hacked remotely.

Harri Hursti, a Finnish programmer, created a hack represented in this video that proved America's elections can be stolen using a few lines of code.

Hursti said, just a simple vote count change is enough. "If you make a small modification in a small number of counties, that’s enough to swing the state."

Harri Hursti was a victim of an attempted murder in 2013.

#HarriHursti #voting #votingmachines #hacking #USA

My tiny is showing up in the international/anglo-saxon media. Instead of it being a piece of the sheer beauty of the place, which is fairly little known internationally, it's about Russians building bases close to strategic commercial shipping lines, which run through the ... :D


is making a new . In a country this is not a good thing. In a country like mine, where ppl generally trust their gov, could storing data locally (in country) be a good thing?

I don't trust the gov and firms to not abuse my data under their legal system. Would storing my data in the be better? Where the could be better enforced.

Just thinking out-loud :)


Biggest sign yet of the new . No treaties on opens up the door to new and more destructive weapons systems to be developed. , and the blame each other with no one taking responibility for their actions in escalating this.

Only if ppl where capable of learning from history and realized talking things through is better.



What ways could First Tech Federal Credit Union and #platformcoops cooperate?

- 2nd financial institution in the world to perform secure internet transactions.
- Biggest credit union investment advisor.
- 456k members
- 11.4$ billion in assets.

#SocialCoop could organize members to take part in FTFCU board elections. I will put 50$ to their campaign!

In 2017 FTFCU contributed 30,000 hours volunteering and 3.1$ million in charity. Even 5% going to #platformcoops would be a huge deal!

Meanwhile, @TurkuSec organised an awsome workshop around and . Even though I managed to bork my laptop I still learned how easy tools like are to use. :D

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