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OpenBIOS - open source Forth firmware 

telnet # For maps in your terminal from OpenStreetMap. Use arrow keys to move around and a/z to zoom in/out. Or use your mouse if your terminal supports that.

Even after working at Apple and Google, I identify as a 1x engineer:

I did a podcast interview:

I'm in awe of how many links are in the show notes. We covered a _lot_ of topics.

"Never underestimate the power of proving someone wrong with hard data." - @jessfraz


First security-focused talk submission accepted! Looking forward to sharing β€œCommon BMC vulnerabilities and how to avoid repeating them” at in September.

Francine underwent a radiator replacement recently. With an aluminum radiator, electric fan, and her heater core reconnected, she's keeping cool even in stopped traffic on a hot California day.

REing a TCP sever. Successful auth is cached with time-based expiration. I suspect the intent was to a resume a session if the underlying TCP connection died due to an IP change.

So, the cache is keyed on a unique session id, right? No.
Username/password? Nope

Entries are keyed on the socket fd and aren't expired on a connection close. If a new client happens to get the same fd before the cache entry expires, they bypass auth. If they attempt to provide new creds, they are ignored!


Figured out how to write a Wireshark dissector in Lua that does TCP steam reassembly. That deserves a medal or at least a plaque.

Unexpected evening activity: reviewing security camera footage. Most of it is trees blowing in the wind. A tiny bit is someone carrying my neighbor's TV.

My Pixel catastrophically failed yesterday. While I wait for a Pixel 3a to arrive, I'm reliving the good old days with an iPhone 5c that was returned to my partner last year after its many years in police evidence.

To whomever designed the wiring harness for the 1966 Ford Econoline: who hurt you?

Started scanning a single port across the entire Internet at 100k hosts/sec. Took 30m to get an abuse report.

Tried to take this pup on a walk. Less than 5 minutes in, I was being informed of the greatness of Christianity, especially of one specific church just down the street. Then a phone call that required me to return home. Today is not ending well.

I studied carefully so I'd know if I needed a right-handed or left-handed door. I bought a RH door. The instructions with the door confirm I need a RH. The receipt says I bought a RH. The door is LH. 😭

Changed out a light switch. Only tripped the circuit breaker once! πŸ€”

I always forget to take photos when I take things apart. Today was an Evoluent Vertical Mouse that had a squeaky scroll wheel. Pretty elegant mechanical design but no lubricant on a plastic-on-plastic rotary joint 😭 Dab of lithium grease is all it took for silent scrolling.

Sharing failures helps remind people that projects often don't go according to plan and not to get discouraged when things don't work right on the first (or fifth) try.

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