Major blackberry removal today. All the fresh dirt in the photo had 4' tall blackberries. 60" brush mower and loader with tooth bar made all that a 4h job.

Oops. We accidentally discovered a vulnerability in NXP LPC55 microcontrollers.

Made test rafters for the playhouse today. Tried 6/12 and 9/12 pitches. Thinking 9/12 looks better.

Rain let up early this morning so today was a perfect day to grade a site for the playhouse and lay a foundation.

Building a playhouse with the kids. Might unintentionally be building a tiny house instead.



Kinda. There are a few dimensions for lathes: bench top/legged, capacity, fixed/variable speed, and quality. A small, bench top, fixed speed, decent quality lathe from Jet will be reliable but runs $500 ( You can get lower price by going with lower quality at places like Grizzly ( Both have fairly small capacity which is fine for pens, cups, etc.

I started using PCBite a month ago. If you start using the SP200, see the notes about grounding in azonenberg's review (

Plex does this. Not aware of privacy implications with Plex.

You kinda can with `FROM <image> AS <name>` and `COPY --from=<name>`

Outreachy May to August internship applications are open! Outreachy is:

πŸ’΅ Paid - $6,000 USD total internship stipend

🌍 Remote - both interns and mentors work remotely

πŸ•° 3 months - internships run May 24 to August 24

🚨 Apply by February 22 at 4pm UTC

Outreachy supports diversity in open source software!

Past interns are:

♀️ 92% women

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ 4% transgender, genderqueer, or non-binary people

πŸ§•πŸΎ 64% people of color

πŸ§‘πŸΏ 12% people from a historically disadvantaged caste or tribe

brain meds 

I can get Strattera via Caremark (CVS mail order). I'm pretty sure Ritalin has to be picked up in person.

I recently bought a manual solder paste syringe gun to see if that helps. Just received first boards in going to try it on. Just waiting on components.

Love designing dense PCBs filled with high-speed buses? Apply at Oxide! No, really, we need another EE. Boards are being designed by software engineers.

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