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Hey check it out I did an podcast

does anyone who is visually impaired or otherwise rely on screen readers have any experience with trying to use linux ?

from what i can tell the linux experience seems pretty hostile to screen readers, and there's not very much resources dedicated to orca, which seems to be the main implementation .

please share your experiences with me if you can, i want to try to make things better .

please boost :boost_requested:

This wall was opened up 2 years ago to fix a wiring problem. Jay and I finally closed it back up today.

Whoops. Even a Snap-on 3/8" drive 12" breaker bar isn't gonna hold up to being used where a 1/2" drive 36" breaker bar should be used. Guess I need to buy both now. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

You see a corgi puppy. I smell a chemical warfare delivery system.

Remember to wear appropriate protective gear when deep frying

A few months ago, chandelier over our dining room table fell off. It has been improperly installed and the electrical box was ruined. After many weekends of repairs, new lights are installed. Decor by

I prefer them split. Especially if they changed roles/teams at a larger company.

In the spirit of NFTs, I propose UnsafeCoin. Mining is a side effect of compiling Rust code. Coins may be used to buy indulgences that allow you to use the unsafe keyword. Each indulgence generates an NFT to commemorate the event. I will not be taking questions at this time.

Line trimmer has a compatible, but not OEM, carburetor. Worked on it for an hour before realizing high and low speed adjust are reversed from OEM. ๐Ÿคฆ

Preparing for winter with a new wood rack built from scraps. Trips to the wood shed should be much less frequent.

Found a really good deal on Akro-Mils bins on Craigslist. Finally sorted my common cables.

NXP has updated a few LPC55S69 documents since our DEFCON talk. Spreadsheet attachment removed from UM11126. AN12868 changed "hidden coprocessor" to "dedicated processor." Still no public notification of CVE-2021-31531. Feels more like a coverup than an disclosure.

"Fault injection attacks against AMD's Secure Encrypted Virtualization" is this morning's highly recommended breakfast reading

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