This wall was opened up 2 years ago to fix a wiring problem. Jay and I finally closed it back up today.

Whoops. Even a Snap-on 3/8" drive 12" breaker bar isn't gonna hold up to being used where a 1/2" drive 36" breaker bar should be used. Guess I need to buy both now. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

You see a corgi puppy. I smell a chemical warfare delivery system.

Remember to wear appropriate protective gear when deep frying

A few months ago, chandelier over our dining room table fell off. It has been improperly installed and the electrical box was ruined. After many weekends of repairs, new lights are installed. Decor by

Preparing for winter with a new wood rack built from scraps. Trips to the wood shed should be much less frequent.

Found a really good deal on Akro-Mils bins on Craigslist. Finally sorted my common cables.

With Jay's help, tilted back Big Chippin's chute to get access to the cutter head and chip breaker. Pretty sure that chute is made out of 1/8" steel and weighs 300+lbs. It was a struggle.

Something has gone awry with this 1/4" mandrel. That it occurred with a hand drill tells you how my wrist feels right now.

Kids helped frame out the gables today. Only required one trip to town for lumber, screws, and root beer floats.

Major blackberry removal today. All the fresh dirt in the photo had 4' tall blackberries. 60" brush mower and loader with tooth bar made all that a 4h job.

Made test rafters for the playhouse today. Tried 6/12 and 9/12 pitches. Thinking 9/12 looks better.

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