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If you're hearing a lot about the fediverse these days, you should know: Mastodon is not the whole fediverse and the fediverse is not simply a Twitter replacement. The fediverse is an entire ecosystem, built on something called ActivityPub. Learn more:

Shout out to whoever coined the word plethora - it means a lot

what generation Are you ?

Repost to give wider reach

Spoke briefly to Politico about the growing opposition to #KOSA, the poorly named “Kids Online Safety Act,” which would make kids less safe, not more safe, by exposing them to surveillance and cutting them off from online resources and community. It’s especially harmful for #LGBTQ youth who are already facing unprecedented attacks. Congress needs to stop using kids as pawns to score political points and pass real laws to rein in #BigTech and reduce harm.

@Moocher @palafo So, really, I just started posting interesting stuff, or informative stuff, as soon as I got here.

I didn't try to get followers or broaden my reach, I just follow interesting people, and a lot of them followed me back, and others followed me because they saw stuff I said in the feed.

To get more followers, more reach, follow people and have more conversations so they follow you.

I’m seeing a lot of “hot takes” on how Alexa is losing money and everyone thinks it’s great/predictable. But I have another take.

My uncle is blind with multiple learning disabilities and one thing I would say though is it’s probably the most liberating piece of tech my he has ever had.

It means he can actually use the iplayer/sounds, check the weather, check obituaries (he’s obsessed with them), set his own alarms etc.

#a11y #accessibility

From NPR today: "Only about 11% of those eligible for the new bivalent omicron boosters have gotten boosted."

Please get the new booster. Also your flu shot. We're headed into the winter, and it could get bad. You can help save lives. :)

@TheIndigoDingo yeah. So many of my longtime mutuals are all “but it’s complicated” and I’m like…it’s not, but it’s not the instant gratification, chromed, slick and pretty they want. Alas.

Honestly though, the people I want to connect with are likely the ones that find this juice worth the squeeze anyway. It’s probably not a coincidence that many of the others are worried about things like amassing followers and verification. 🫠

Today's #SciFiPrompt:


This is our 10th #prompt! Thank you everyone that has participated so far!

I want to clarify that I don't expect people to participate daily, & if you want to share something inspired from one of these prompts, it's not necessary to share on the same day! I know that art can take time, especially across different media.

I'll include numbers with the prompts from now on so that it's easier to share work from past prompts.

#MastoArt #WritingCommunity #sketch

Huge fan of the Reverse Pomodoro (five minutes of work, 25 minutes of lying on my back in existential despair)

I'm really not worried about Mastodon scaling issues at all.

When I left Twitter in 2008, we had roughly twice as many users as the current combined Mastodon network, all running on one MySQL server that had the same specs as a high-end 2013 MacBook Pro, plus roughly 10 web servers and 5 queue servers.

To be fair, growth wasn't as rapid, and we had local-infra advantages over federated systems, but these problems are solvable and I have no doubt will be fixed soon.

*Hugops to all admins!*

Don't let the mainstream media coverage of Mastodon get you down.

They're just not sure how they're going to put clickbait articles with unskippable ads in front of you if there isn't a techbro billionaire engineering an algorithm that teabags you in the face with other peoples' edgy opinions about that article first. 😂

We heard you left Twitter for an open-source alternative? 

Twitter: Don't put all your eggs into one social media account 

I've always been on many different social media platforms and talk about them on all the platforms but now that things are getting hairy on twitter every time I do someone jumps into my comments to complain about starting over. I find it very frustrating.

This is one of my favourite educational images so I’m going to share it just because. #languages #world

@dust yes. while we, as a collective, control our own social media, it also means we have to actually run that social media rather htan outsourcing it entirely to corporations. we, collectively, are responsible for our own moderation and for the culture that develops, and so when people come in criticizing how things are, we can't lazily point a finger at "twitter" as a company and demand they fix the problem, we have to actually listen to the criticism and make the changes ourselves.

I started this free online writing group because I wanted people to have a place to come where they could write to prompts and then share (or not share, also totally cool) their writing.

If you...

* Enjoy spending time with other writers in a supportive, friendly group.
* Like joy and cooperation and giggling a lot.
* Are respectful and kind...

This group is for you. Register for free here:

Shoutout to my fellow #moss enthusiasts of #mosstodon 😄

Moss garden at Tofukuji temple in Kyoto, Japan.

#bryophyte #mossy #mosses #japan #kyoto #photography

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