2022 12 03
yes you are sorry
you're the sorriest sorry
to ever sorry

prompt No. 25- sorry

I appreciate how “birthday cake” is now a popular flavor for a variety of non-cake products, even though “birthday” doesn’t describe the type of cake, it describes the day on which you eat it

Looks like AI will be the Valley's next crypto. Valley always needs something to claim will change everything.

These kind of technologies are a natural response to content-as-commodity—SEO, content marketing, the YouTube algorithm, influencer culture etc.

It doesn't matter that the content is bullshit, X units of content are needed, humans are expensive, let's have a machine that churns out content. Doesn't have to be true, doesn't need to have passed through an actual brain or have had any connection with reality.

"Thanks, I hate it."

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Just tried ChatGPT. I asked it a series of specific Qs about areas I've studied in detail.

On all Qs, it gave answers that are plausible sounding but wrong. Not obviously wrong: wrong in subtle ways that need deep domain knowledge to grasp.

The ways humans will be practically misled by this kind of tech if trusted with, say, doling out medical, legal or business advice is horrific.

Letting this tech loose on the world will further destroy search engines that are already riddled with SEO BS.

I see toots virtually demanding people boost instead of just like, but it's stupid to boost everything you like. You have to curate. A museum curator doesn't laugh at a mug in a gift shop and say, "that's so funny I'll put it in the museum." You can like something without feeling all the world needs to see it.

everyone repeat after me: "A.I." as it currently exists is not artificial or intelligent; these tools use data labeled by underpaid human laborers in the Global South to perform *prediction* tasks, with zero understanding of the results.

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#OtD 5 Dec 2019 French public sector workers began striking against government-proposed pension cuts, successfully suspending the plans in January. 69% of citizens supported the strikes as massive protests shut down public services, the Eiffel Tower and the Paris Opera

ℹ️ Confirmed: Metrics show that internet connectivity remains significantly disrupted in Moore County, North Carolina, after an armed attack on electrical substations knocked out power in the area; authorities have declared a countywide state of emergency ⚡️📉

Careful out there tonight for it's #Krampusnacht! Popular in German-speaking Alpine folklore, the figure of #Krampus is a devil-like horned creature who punishes badly-behaved children the night before St Nicholas' Day. More Krampus cards here: buff.ly/36GXmc9 #art #illustration #festive #culture

2022 12 05
heard inside the walls
hum of electricity
there is no silence

prompt No. 26- electric

I’m not sure people understand how terrifying things are for American Jews right now. Like many, my father barely escaped the nazis. So the fact that antisemitism is being normalized right now & NOT denounced by every leader of the 2 major political parties is frightening. We need to know our govt & our institutions will keep us safe & we aren’t sure now. This is a common feeling amongst Am. Jews right now. Please take the time to understand the fear & demand your leaders denounce it.

I still see posts with people wanting no politics. So I will leave a reminder:

1. Politics = how we make decisions about living together in society.

2. Not participating in politics = endorsing the status quo.

3. Refusing to participate in politics is a privilege. It is also a decision to abandon those in a more vulnerable position.

You might want to abstain and that's fine.
But someone has to combat injustice, racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBTQ hate.

Here’s what Mayor
Anne Hidalgo knew when she took office in 2014:

It wasn’t the hills, weather or culture that was preventing Parisians from cycling; it was a lack of safe infrastructure.

With that revelation—and some immense courage—she has unleashed a revolution in the city.

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