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✨🎉 Today is the big day! 🎉✨

We’re launching our paid product filled with exciting new opportunities for the community to bring their projects to life.


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Afternoon me: “I’m gonna be productive and clean tonight. Maybe finish that doc too.”

Evening me:

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Just froze the kids toys in ice and gave them only spoons to free them. Time for a bacon sandwich and some coding

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Yes you should!! Look at this lineup!
Thu Apr 9, 2020

18 hrs of content across multiple timezones!
Tons of good learnings from @nnja@twitter.com @noopkat@twitter.com @mbcrump@twitter.com and more ..

Plus I think we all need to be watching & learning from these online event organizers! 🎉 twitter.com/kartar/status/1246

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With fewer humans about, native wildlife has begun returning to the streets of Melbourne. Nature is starting to heal.

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This is an interesting piece of @github@twitter.com phishing. Not seen one of these before. Clever ('ish)

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I'm very excited to announce that my book with @johnchapin@twitter.com & @oreillymedia@twitter.com, "Programming AWS Lambda: Build and Deploy Serverless Applications with Java", is now available! More details on our blog - blog.symphonia.io/posts/2020-0.

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Can we all agree to stop adding “aaS” to everything? We get it. It’s a service. It’s all a service.

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A friend is talking about someone taking a trip to LA to reunite with their gf and my immediate ask was ... "How is she going to get there?" whilst images from Oregon Trail flashed through my head.

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A Macquarie Uni lecturer caught one of their students... getting handjob in a law lecture yesterday. The whole thing was recorded on a live stream and the lecturer is an absolute MVP.

Unclear if any of this is coronavirus related.

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Now I get two of the three topic suggestions. But why the fuck does Twitter think I care about Cloud Platforms? 😂

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me, buying up all the swords at my local store

me the next day, complaining to the new york times that i can’t find anyone to sell my swords to

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