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If you want to be an Influencer™ — and we do — the one key thing you'll need to learn is how to properly apologize, genuinely or otherwise.

Luckily, @jennschiffer@twitter.com has made a generator game to help us all practice for that: 😭Apology Hero! glitch.com/culture/celebrity-a

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My writing - which includes much abuse of the em-dash - in a tweet.

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I can write my ass off, but oooh, God, I abuse the em-dash. 😂

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Instagram is an app for photos. Uber is an app for getting around town. Yelp is an app for reviewing local businesses. Venmo is an app for sending money. LinkedIn is an app for professional networking. Twitter is an app for turning you into the worst possible version of yourself.

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If you're going to @mozillafestival@twitter.com next week, make sure to come by our happy hour on Thursday, October 24th. Mark your calendars and see you in London!


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Heyyyyyyy I'm super excited to announce that I'm hosting a new podcast with @glitch@twitter.com produced by the genius @TastyKeish@twitter.com! We want to explore imagined futures that are about what we could create, if we really tried. More here! glitch.com/culture/open-world/

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I wrote an RBAC spec with a matching ER model today. How was your day?

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If you're looking to escape from Kubernetes, this US chart shows states (in grey) where you can hide. (According to Google Trends)

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Me: Builds perfectly functioning OpenVPN configuration.

*backs away slowly*

"No one breath. It's connecting and routing correctly!"

Me, five minutes later: "Fuck."

"Tall Poppy Syndrome" in full bloom is near impossible to explain to most non-Australians.

I am like "I wonder what this spike in my heart rate is..." Oh it's .

Now I want to make pie. Or eat pie. Hmmm yes, let's leap straight to the eating phase.

Chap on ferry keeps talking about felching and his new compound bow. And now I realize he means FLETCHING.

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Ahead of the tonight, why not explore some of the data from a survey at the first debate -- how have things changed? twitter.com/glitch/status/1183

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I've been calling it MySpace all week. But I am old and doddering. 🤪

P.S it's cool, try it out!

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Introducing.... *drum roll* 🎒My Stuff🎒 The new easy way to collect apps you love from all over Glitch!

Just click the bookmark icon next to the app's title and when it turns green, you're all set.


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webpack: the sound of fans violently spinning on my laptop.

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Least week at @nordicjs@twitter.com I realised mid-talk that we can code in @glitch@twitter.com inside the headset by connecting a Bluetooth keyboard.

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to have someone who looks at you like everyone looks at their phones

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Just saw a really clever freckle tattoo in the shape of the constellation of Scorpio. Took me a moment to grok the pattern. Neat.

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