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Disgraceful remark from Democrat Adam Schiff. “No question”? The Germans have cast doubt, the Japanese tanker people have cast doubt. And we haven’t yet seen any hard evidence. twitter.com/zacharybasu/status

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@kartar@twitter.com I’m sorry team, management are the *worst* 🤣

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I honestly don’t think you’re gonna take Times Square.

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@abbyfuller@twitter.com 💗 When the time is right, you'll be on that stage and I'll be tweeting from the front row!

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Next year. I know people.

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So, so grateful for badasses like @bridgetkromhout@twitter.com who will step in and give amazing keynotes. It was an upgrade for ! twitter.com/bridgetkromhout/st

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Why do wine tasting rooms always have really, really bad art for sale? I mean worse than community coffee shop art.

It seems @AlamoNYC@twitter.com are aware, that despite its semi-cult film status, that getting people to see Double Team will require a serious discount.

Me: "Is that that thing fixed?"

The VS Code team: "Yes. Have you updated? When was the last time you restarted VS Code?"

Me: "Ummmm. 6 weeks ago?"

Them: "Uh huh."

"I posted on the TikTok"

"The TikTok?"

"Shut up. That was deliberate."

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I really feel sad when people dismiss other's points as "too emotional". This glorification of the "brain" and "reason" as the undisputed truth sayers, it's quite antiquated and damaging to a lot of people that don't conform to these standards.

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Huge kudos to my colleague @FrankDenbow@twitter.com who put on the amazing this week. The photos and line up looked amazing and I wish I could have been there.

Thank you to everyone who made @velocityconf@twitter.com so awesome this year - the team, speakers, track hosts, and our wonderful attendees. Y'all make this such a great event. Your energy is what drives @randommood@twitter.com, @nikkimc@twitter.com and I to put it on.

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Thought lead of the day:
Leadership skill is really about comfort with handling ambiguity. Handling it for yourself alone is enough in many contexts. To be a great manager/leader you must handle it well yourself and also help the team handle it by providing confidence and clarity

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Thank you @nikkimc@twitter.com for being such an awesome co-chair. We'll miss you! ❤️❤️❤️ /cc @randommood@twitter.com

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Just wrapped up my very last as chair and want to thank everyone who attended & spoke for making my last Velocity the best one yet. I'm going to miss you all! Everyone who works on Velocity is amazing. Much love + gratitude to my co-chairs @randommood@twitter.com and @kartar@twitter.com!

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I'll be livetweeting @mipsytipsy@twitter.com's talk on testing in production in a few minutes...

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Now in the , we are going to hear from @mootpointer@twitter.com about Your Team as a Distributed System!

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