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The wonderful @catehstn@twitter.com has paid for 10 copies specifically to give away to folks from under-indexed groups in our community. I have already ear-marked 5 people who I know would benefit, but that leaves 5 for others – if that's you, please email me at paul@hackingwithswift.com!

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I would like to formally thank @kartar@twitter.com and @randommood@twitter.com for giving us the wonder full gift of Mickens in the final velocity conference


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Hiring isn’t the challenge. The challenge is finding people who can be effective while working for executives whose only qualifications and training are narcissistic levels of self confidence. twitter.com/david_perell/statu

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HPD chief Acevedo calls out McConnell, Cornyn, Cruz by name, urging them to pass Violence Against Women act.

"And who killed our Sgt? A boyfriend abusing his girlfriend. So you're either here for women and children [daughters, sisters] and our aunts, or you're here for the NRA."

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OH: "I like an Irish accent but I don't LOVE it. I fucking love a Scottish accent. Those folks can rub their sporrans on me anytime."


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Hello peoples! I wanted to see if anyone here is hiring in Sacramento :) I’m an infosys major at CSUS! 👩🏼‍💻

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I've decided "way uptown" is basically anything north of Houston.

I've gotten to the point where players may as well queue at my spawn and just take my kit.


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Imagine naming your product after someone who blew up a commercial plane to try to kill a single person

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I could open LinkedIn and read these 514 messages and respond to the 1813 networking requests. Or I throw my laptop out of the 19th floor window.

"The Cyber speaks: What will actually happen in 2020" by @swagitda_@twitter.com. This is the ML-driven content you need this holiday season.


So glad @randommood@twitter.com and I managed to get this talk for the last .

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"Much like Ash Ketchum, the beloved star of the Pokémon cartoons, I take great pleasure in cataloguing types of blockchain enthusiasts.

These people were supposed to be wiped out by the asteroid strike, and yet they walk among us."



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I'd like to say "Infosec *sigh*" but it happens across the industry. This isn't fucking rocket science: This is never, ever, ever an appropriate work outing.

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Diversity and inclusion in Infosec? When my male colleagues decide to spend the evening in a strip club (and invite me to join, because they are considerate!), I know it's still a boys club, and there's still a long way ahead of us.

True story from re:invent 2019

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things i’ve heard... directly:

- oh, I’m not used to a latinamerican being in charge of a tech team
- what floor is that delivery for? (while carryin g my lunch)
- we’re looking for someone with more executive presence
- coulc you please get the person in charge? (opening door) twitter.com/chadloder/status/1

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