I shaved off my goatee and @rbbrown@twitter.com's response was: "OMG you have a chin".

I mean it's Sean Bean in ... everything. Dude needs to catch a break.

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What fictional death affected you the most?

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You aren't a Go, or Rust, or Java, or Python, or JavaScript developer (unless you are writing those languages). In reality you are a developer who uses language X to solve Y problems. You can learn new languages and paradigms. Don't get stuck in the I am an X developer.

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To be fair, we had already given out some copies of the '97 Things* books (signed by @lisa_van_gelder@twitter.com , an author) ..

When a wild @kartar@twitter.com appeared (another author) .. and we had a double-signed copy! 😱😍🙏

Thanks again to @OReillyMedia@twitter.com for the books! 🙌 twitter.com/nitya/status/12186

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I am pretty sure this last MTA announcement was:

"PATH trains are not running for reasons."

Very meme.


I am articulate!

Also me:

Me words about people I care about feelings not easy good.

Went to an interview at a startup in SF. When I arrrived the recruiter excitedly told me that they were excited to be interviewing a "diversity candidate". I was greatly puzzled because I am a able cis het white dude. Apparently my "diversity" was nationality: I'm Australian 🤯

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Twitter, what’s the worst job interview you’ve ever had?

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@JumaaneWilliams@twitter.com praises progress over years but notes spike in hate crimes and “increase in gun violence in certain pockets” including N BK. Calls for “a peace” without 500 new cops in subway or rollbacks on bail reform. Instead, funding for housing and the groups on the steps

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Glitch is excited to join the @ThePracticalDev@twitter.com community. Follow us for Glitch tips, tricks, and behind the scenes magic:


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GET READY!🙌 We’re a week from event. Join @msft4startups@twitter.com and I for a conversation w/ @heidimesser@twitter.com on the impact of , building tech teams & fundraising for !

Jan 21st / @GA_NYC@twitter.com
RSVP: aka.ms/FemaleTechFoundersBreak

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Love the idea that the only thing stopping terrorists from targeting Grimsby and Cleethorpes is the change at Doncaster twitter.com/mlond85/status/121

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A little thread:

On April 13, 2017, @stripe@twitter.com introduced @IncrementMag@twitter.com to the world: we were making a magazine about how teams build and operate software systems at scale.

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Occasionally I read things that remind me that there is a whole universe of approaches to engineering and engineering management that I never personally use. This is one such article:

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Punk is dead. Dead.

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Henry Rollins Stars In New Los Angeles International Airport Safety Video


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Thinking of how happy I was with how this piece turned out and I’d love for you to read it if you haven’t eater.com/2019/12/3/20974732/a

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