UWP, the one of modernest toolkit, is another tower of shit.

WPF is also known as a huge pile of shit but the fact remains that WPF is much better than traditional UI toolkits.

I hadn't written C# for a while. New features brought by C# 7 is actually feel good.

Ok, I know. I shouldn't dispatch my toots to global timeline. bot accounts are watching global timeline vigilantly to find their new victims.

I strongly believed that no one would see me at this time.

How did you found me? I don't really understand why you can follow me with no time after my first toot I’ve taken in 10+ days.

I can't see any toots now. Everybody I followed should have already bored with mastodon.

I have been bored with mastodon, more than anything else.

Should I support mastodon in Krile Altair? I can decide that at this moment, but it might be longer than original and it needs some unnecessary functions for twitter-only users.

Thanks to mastodon, we finally success the building of multi-layered platform with standardized interface, I wish I told this someday in near future.

Otherwise you should check and setting flag to politically undesired toots if severely-controlled instances are joined mastodon platform like China's.

loli contents are banned in your country? there is your country's problem. you can keep your instance banned that instance but you shouldn't blame their contents.

This is "social" network and social is not only means global social, so that instance can ignore the other instances' argues. and i think they should behave as this.

My today's breakfast is steamed chicken and rice-vermicelli soup.

The one of answer for such problem is like a hub and spoke model, that means the network consists of some large nodes and interconnecting them.

discoverivity is serious problem in the SNS have a distributed architecture like just Mastodon.

I have implementing the alternative of Stack Panel of WPF, but this is a steep road and this problem requires me working in earnest...

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