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The second camera I ever owned was a Beroquick K 135. A version of the east german Beirette for western markets. Sadly that camera is lost in time. But today I got a "new" one from eBay for €1 and postage.

[103] Chess, Go, and finally Poker were conquered by AIs. But it was Rock-Paper-Scissors that forced them to watch and learn how to understand humans.

//Another wonderful story for @tinystoryseeds by @MicroSFF! Able to analyse and predict human behaviour, a computer can eventually beat you at Rock-Paper-Scissors. But what does ‘understand‘ mean? And is understanding humanity really the most important goal of AI?

#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

Note to self: seasonal photography has its drawbacks, if you only occasionally use that camera and take the film to processing months later.

Happy belated , everybody. :-D

A-1, 100, exp. 01/2002.

Heute reden wir über Larpkonferenzen und warum sie trotzdem Spaß machen. (Weils halt doch um LARP geht und immer genügend Quatsch und Fun mit im Spiel ist.)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the projector room of Lichtburg Essen, one of only 5 cinemas in Germany that still show 70mm movies.

Und noch ein Podcast, diesmal wieder mit Jan über LARP:
Wer die letzten vier Jahre nicht völlig geschlafen hat, beobachtet eine signifikante Entwicklung im LARP: Eine immer weiter voranschreitende Kommerzialisierung und Professionalisierung.
Wir reden darüber, ob das gut oder schlecht ist und kommen darauf, dass es darauf ankommt, was unsere LARP-Subkultur daraus macht.

This one's for those who asked me during last weekends 1920s if my "antique" Camera actually did anything. on 400, pushed to ISO 3200.

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