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@nuhn I booked my next summer vacation on Rømø. Do I get to pass?

Dass es inzwischen eine immer größere Auswahl an Formen, Genres und Themen bei LARPs gibht ist natürlich erfreulich, denn das bedeutet, dass es inzwischen für jeden Menschen, der nicht grade alleine zu Hause sitzen will, was gibt. Aber wie finde ich heraus, was zu mir passt? Jan und Jens reden heute darüber, worauf man achten sollte und welche unterschiedlichen LARP-Formen für welche Zielgruppe geeignet oder nicht geeignet ist.

@deaduncledave Thanks to our turkish immigrant community we have a few markets like that in many larger cities.

The second camera I ever owned was a Beroquick K 135. A version of the east german Beirette for western markets. Sadly that camera is lost in time. But today I got a "new" one from eBay for €1 and postage.

[103] Chess, Go, and finally Poker were conquered by AIs. But it was Rock-Paper-Scissors that forced them to watch and learn how to understand humans.

//Another wonderful story for @tinystoryseeds by @MicroSFF! Able to analyse and predict human behaviour, a computer can eventually beat you at Rock-Paper-Scissors. But what does ‘understand‘ mean? And is understanding humanity really the most important goal of AI?

#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

@crowdyke That's part of a former textile mill that was established in the 18th century. The site is actually a heritage monument but the owner disregards that and is in litigation with the preservation authorities. If you read german, you'll find a descriptiuon at

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