@hnb Still on my to-read list, but this has been recommended to me. goodreads.com/book/show/224552
There seems to be a pdf version on the 'net but I don't know its legal status.

#GDPR improvement proposal: websites have to snailmail you an actual 🍪 every time they store a cookie on your computer.

@jeka As english is my second language and I was only vaguely familiar with the expression "witching hour", I was mildly disappointed that in fact there don't seem to be any witches in the game ;)

Hey folks,

I just released a draft rule set for my latest larp, QUEER SLEEPOVER WITCHING HOUR, and I would love your thoughts! More on this here: tag.hexagram.ca/jekagames/refl
#queercontent #queergamedev #queersleepoverwitchinghour #queerlarp #larp

True story. Today, a doctor told me: "Your problem is that you focus too much on the negative."

I said: "I shoot film. I HAVE to focus on the negative!"

Never feed me a straight line.

#Photography #FilmPhotography #FilmIsNotDead

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