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Ralf Hüls 📸 @[email protected]

@stjohn Naaaw. I could stop any time, if I wanted to.

@stjohn Kudos. I started (again, after doing some of my own film developing in the 70s/80s) last year and have processed some 30 rolls since.
Don't worry, it's NOT habit forming at all.

@Irgendwiejuna Unhandlich ist die Weltaflex aber auch :D

@Irgendwiejuna Schwer zu sagen. Ich habe auch schon mit 'ner Agfa Preisbox (1932) geknipst und momentan sind meine Standard-Kameras 'ne Weltaflex, 'ne Zorki-4 und 'ne Canon A-1. Die Bilder daraus sind völlig OK.
Aber 'ne Hasselblad 500 wäre schon auch "nett".

@TheAdmin I seem to be getting 500s when trying to upload an image. Is that a known issue?

@snowdusk_ I was 12 when the book came out and 17 when the film was released. Read the book twice but never saw the whole movie, I think.

Apparently my Canon A-1 died yesterday. The electronics seem to have failed. :-(