I've been shooting film for a while now, but I've always had it processed at a film lab. Tonight I developed my own black and white film for the first time! I scratched the shit out of it trying to get it into the developing spool, but in my defense the ball bearings were jammed to hell. I'll know a bit better next time.

Outside of the scratches, though, it's amazing — you pop some chemicals in the tank and before you know it you're unrolling all your pictures. That's some crazy voodoo.
Ralf Hüls 📸

@stjohn Kudos. I started (again, after doing some of my own film developing in the 70s/80s) last year and have processed some 30 rolls since.
Don't worry, it's NOT habit forming at all.

@stjohn Naaaw. I could stop any time, if I wanted to.


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