We can excrete an irritated comment in ugly English. It's one of the pleasure which is acquired by using global social media.

I guess Japanese should use more English even if it's ugly, like me! 😂

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@CloudSocial Hi, your instance is awesome but in the local timeline I can only see posts in Japanese that I can't understand and a fake account of Donald Trump.
I fear your efforts to ship an awesome experience are compromised by this, and I'm thinking to change instance.
I would really like if each instance choose a language as reference, but I fear it's too late for mastodon.cloud...

Phowa is the argot of kill in a certain cult

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I guess they are little square, like an erection dick😁 😁

Pawoo is a paradise. I don't know why some people go out a paradise from their's own.

Sorry mistake operation because this instance does not happen 500 errors like a pawoo.net. It looks good stable instance to me.

Ochimpo means "SHOUT of SOUL" in Japanese 💓

Some people seem to say Lolicons should be burning in hell 😭

> ⚠ Don't forget, Lolicons is forbidden here.

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