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Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of the node_modules directory listing for her first Hello World react app

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This. Consider showing respect for Nakamoto not by naming things after him but by using the name he gave to the currency he created: bitcoin.

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These beauties are worth $0.0002 each. 1 year ago this was Venezuela's higher denomination bill.

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This is both hilarious, scary and the perfect example of why we need Bitcoin. Venmo worried about the word "Cuban".
h/t reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/

I shiver! People, I tell you: The world is changing.
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Just passed the Torch to @kallerosenbaum

Sent over $100 from South Africa to Sweden in seconds

The torch has passed through over 150 people in countries around the world. No banks were involved.

This is why I got into ⚡⚡⚡


I just received the torch from
@ImranLorgat@twitter.com. Who wants it next? Send an invoice for 3080000 satoshis.
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@ImranLorgat @jochemin BOOM! t.co/cxX@ImranLorgat@twitter.com

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An old, but still relevant and true education meme about . What it's describing is the difficulty of hash collisions.

All the mining hashrate in Bitcoin's entire history can only bruteforce a 90-bit hash. If there were two "Bitcoin"s, that'd be 91 bits (not 180 bits).

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The weird nonce pattern is still there at block 556995 ...
I would expect nonces to be totally random, like block 100000-400000. But ever since block 400000 there are 4 areas with less nonces. Of course before block 100000 it was Satoshi playing around.

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How old were y’all when you found out the ridges on the bottom of the salt/pepper shakers had a purpose?

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A sybil + malware attack is ongoing against @ElectrumWallet@twitter.com users - if you see a message asking you to upgrade, don't click on it! Users who only connect to their own personal Electrum server are unaffected. github.com/spesmilo/electrum/i

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trodde att JAG hade orimligt mycket hat i kroppen
sen upptäckte jag BENGT och hans åsikter om att meteorologer varnar för halka

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I’m not sure that is health and Safety approved.

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About time someone spoke truth to power.

Long Bitcoin, Short the Bankers!

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