Lightning devs, you can stop coding now. Final milestone reached. I just fed chicken with lightning.

Hjälp, hjälp, saker blir billigare över tid! Bäst att skapa mer pengar ur tomma intet. 🤔

Bitcoin's 21M supply cap downright scares people. Peering from our world of seemingly infinite resources into the world of the digitally scarce.

9 LNBIG nodes opened one channel each of X BTC simultaneously to my LN node. Why would they do that? Why not a single channel of 9X? I suppose all 9 LNBig nodes belong to the same entity. ping

I shiver! People, I tell you: The world is changing.
Just passed the Torch to @kallerosenbaum

Sent over $100 from South Africa to Sweden in seconds

The torch has passed through over 150 people in countries around the world. No banks were involved.

This is why I got into ⚡⚡⚡

I just received the torch from Who wants it next? Send an invoice for 3080000 satoshis.
@ImranLorgat @jochemin BOOM!

Blockstream satellite is cool and all, but keep in mind that you trust It's worse than SPV, since you only have one source of info.

a rapid-fire explantation of what's going on in Venezuela, an imagined conversation between me and you...

Elenita, I haven't read any of the articles you're posting. Can you just tell me, what's going on in Venezuela? What's the deal with Maduro and Guaido?

At coffeeshop. This dude is pitching VR on the blockchain to an investor who is trying not to laugh.

They just got into burn/projections, investor cant keep laugh in anymore. He just asked dude if this pitch is a joke. Dude is now angry.

OMG. stop having these mtgs in public.

Ok, can all devs please stop coding until my Grokking Bitcoin book is published. I don't want it to be obsolete on day 1.

We are not related to the project, and they are using our name without our permission. Please be very careful with altcoin versions of Electrum, as they are sometimes used as a vector to install malware that targets your real Bitcoin wallet.

Funny story. All of my machines have a command aliased in: Fuck.

What does it do? "sudo $(fc -ln -1)"

This way if I try to do something, and forget to sudo it, I can just type 'fuck' and it'll repeat the last command, sudo'd.

This also means half my bash history is "fuck".

Stupid backup script:

PASSPHRASE=a$8b@cd duplicity blablabla

Took me a while to figure out my pw was ab@cd

An old, but still relevant and true education meme about . What it's describing is the difficulty of hash collisions.

All the mining hashrate in Bitcoin's entire history can only bruteforce a 90-bit hash. If there were two "Bitcoin"s, that'd be 91 bits (not 180 bits).

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