Pissed at survey respondents who clearly did it for the $$ and didn't answer properly (failed all attention checks, answered all 4s in one section, all 2s in the next, etc.). Their data has to be trashed, but I still have to pay them, because technically, I can't associate their info/identities with their data.

Lesson learned: bake in more disclaimers.

People participating in studies for money, please, please don't do this.

sleep deprivation and anxiety, what a combination :blobbounce:

Got up to mull over something I'd read by pacing back and forth and forgot that I was in a public library.

"Why didn't you do this yesterday?"

TA supe wanted me to draft the midterm yesterday. :blobastonished:

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Need to pack up my shit and move to a new place by tomorrow afternoon, but also have to read two chapters and write a quiz for the students by tomorrow. Wish this TA could get a TA. :blobsweats:

Have your listening habits changed much with ?

I think mine haven't. I still make playlists like I'm loading my dad's 5-CD changer and just listen to every album all the way through, again and again.

You think the stories about competition and schooling might be exaggerated. Then, your boyfriend tells you the school he does some remote work for just got a student who is eight WEEKS old. :blobtilt:

Have to teach this evening and still haven't made my slides.

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What would you do in this situation? You have some suspicions and a chance to nip some cheating in the bud, by reminding students not to do a certain thing. Your colleagues want to hang back and see if your suspicions actually play out before swooping in. Some don't want to be seen as hardasses. Others think making a preventive warning might actually give students ideas to cheat that they didn't have before. What would you do?

The hell, one of the slide-readers won one of the "Best Presentation" awards.

*judginess intensifies*

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I know not everyone is a great presenter, but I still get judgy when someone just reads their slides aloud.

tbf, I had been planning for years to get a new one. Just a little surprised at myself; I finally jumped the gun.

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Went to a tech fair telling myself I was only going to browse, maybe give some things a try. So, yeah, I'm going home now with a new laptop. :blobfacepalm:

Me: Spotify, please shuffle this playlist I made.

Spotify: plays a bunch of songs from the same album in a row, just out of order, despite the list having seven albums from seven different bands/musicians

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