switchさっき新宿ヨドで並んでたら 前の人で売り切れになった。


CentOS node.js 6.x系最新版を ansibleでインストールする

詳解システムパフォーマンス 読了


詳解システムパフォーマンス 11章まで読み終わった


Hive posexplode関数を使った配列操作について (配列のインデックスを保持したまま処理を行う方法)

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Let's take a moment to appreciate the internet's tender embrace of "heck."

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#mastodon question: I see a #toot (or rather, last five of them) on the page of the user from the same #instance that I follow, and that toot has no mentions in it, but I don't see that same toot on my home tab. Since the #timeline on Madison is #chronological, I should be seeing that toot on home, right?? What am I missing? Is it a #bug or a #feature?

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Is there any chance to make editing toots possible? This could be a good idea

I wanna know how auto-scaling server-cluster manage to thier own log files.

Infrastructure as code 読了 次は並行してた詳解システムパフォーマンスを読み進める

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I'm considering moving to a different instance (sadly, a majority Japanese local timeline is not useful for me) but also having my mastodon persona be less like my IRL persona and not obviously associated with my IRL name.

So where does a fella go to get a great mix of queer and tech geek folks with a timeline that's dominated by English? (I read French and German OK too)


Infrastructure as code もう第14商まで読み進めた 佳境である。

14章の ダイナミックインフラストラクチャのはなし、めっちゃおもしろいなー

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