I added a bit of crystalized ginger and a dash of vanilla right at the end and it made all the difference.

Sometimes a man just wants a damn blueberry compote with his frozen waffles.

I am "I just wanted to watch the evening news and Jeopardy but this darn college football has delayed them almost four hours" years old.

This week's Blue Apron kits included Beyond Burgers, which I've been dying to try as a less gout-risky burger alternative.

Verdict: Delicious

I may or may not have ordered an elk cookie cutter.

I may or may not be preparing a full fucking meal for the Eldraine Bakeoff.

I may have spent the morning researching rough puff recipes.

Current Mood: levels 1-5 plus Color Dungeon cleared

That's enough ranting for now, I've still got six more dungeons in Link's Awakening to clear.

WotC: We finally solved the problem of getting players to understand the story!

Also WotC: and we're never going to do those things again because Shareholder Value.

That's the kind of thing that at least warrants a mention SOMEWHERE on the cards.

But here in the weeds of the TSP Wilderness, where the story is divorced from the set, the Average Player is going to have zero clue that this even happened, that Battlebond was a flashforward.

So all of Eldraine has dropped now, and unless I've missed it at no point in the cards is it mentioned that (final spoiler warning)
this is Will and Rowan's Origin Story. The book ends with their Sparks if igniting and them making their first planeswalk.

I really want to enter my gingerbread in the Eldraine Baking Show

Gentlethems, I am officially done with meetings for the week. I can finally do some actual science with the *checks watch* 38 minutes remaining in this workday.

Me: I would like the pretty art for this card.

WotC: oh, you can't get that version at your LGS because we only gave them five of the special boosters it comes in and the owner is saving those for his friend, MTGStonksTrader37849291

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