On the one hand, I don't have to appear on camera for this meeting tomorrow morning, so I could theoretically log in from bed.

On the other hand, the new lawn service is supposed to be here at 9 AM so I have to have pants on at some point of the morning.

It took 46 days but I think I might have finally snapped.

"In these uncertain times, we're turning to the comforting memories of the past moresoe than ever, which is why Quizno's is bringing back the singing rats."

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"In these uncertain times, Toyota would like to assure you that cars are still a thing. We know you haven't used yours in 49 days now, but it's there. It's probably not working since it's been sitting so long. Come to our sterilized showrooms and buy a new one."

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"In these uncertain times, we're glad you allow Facebook to monetize our personal information in exchange for the ability to simultaneously reassure your parents that their grandchildren are still alive while endangering all their lives by denying the germ theory of disease."

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Related, if I see one more commercial that starts with the phrase "In these uncertain times..." I'm throwing my TV into the Sound.

I don't think this would be as big a problem if there were something specific I was angry about, but TBH I've been at a simmering rage since at least last night.

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I have an 8 AM conference call with Denmark and I'm too angry to sleep so tomorrow's shaping up to be an espresso morning.

A non-zero amount of quarantine has been me shouting "I HOPE YOU GET EITHER A DIVORCE OR THE COVID" at couples on HGTV shopping for real estate.

Looks like it's time to add more words to the mute list.

"spare ribs", I cut up a loin into fingers and user my Dad's Chinese Spare Rib marinade recipe

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This is the Bon Appetit pasta dough recipe with the addition of some dried herbs.

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So my ravioli experiment last night was a fail, but only because the filling was too firm to go through the mold correctly so I had to hand-cut the second batch. The pasta itself was great, and the ravioli were edible once I got them sauced, and nothing burst in the cooking.

This is really going to fuck up Pokemon Twitter for me.

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Congratulations, you've made me mute the word gym.

Finally got a picture where they actually look blue

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