Getting as many happy birthdays from automated corporate email systems as from friends and family indicates something, probably.

We can't be living in a simulation. We'd have to have encountered a crashing bug by now.

When the "Artist Radio" mix for a band is nothing but that band, it's at once great and disappointing. Especially when that band only has one album and an EP.

How to block all calls from a particular area code and prefix?

So it's the fall equinox this weekend -- everybody get out and practice your pagan rituals!

I've got to wonder how many Google employees themselves have 2015 Chromebook Pixels and are perturbed that Crostini (Linux app compatibility) isn't supported on it. And all seemingly because there's some half-enforced policy of 'pinning' the kernel version to hardware platforms. BAH!

Amazing that WebEx can be so horribly crappy yet still be the best option for conference calls...

With the Android app, if you have your phone ringer muted, the call audio is also muted. Actual call audio level, however, is not controlled by "Ring volume" but by "Call volume".

What's the movie you're most emphatic someone who hasn't seen it see?

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