Glad you asked!
1. Pages load twice as fast
2. Laptop battery lasts longer
3. My privacy isn't invaded by 50 different douchebro Silicon Valley companies
4. Your fucking site doesn't slow down my computer to a crawl and I can actually read your fucking articles


5. My Mobile Data isn't drained before the end of the month.
6. I don't need to close several screen-filling ads and get redirected to nsfw-sites.
7. My attention is not distracted from your article by flashing, animated ads that try to sell me irrelevant content (but relevant ads would not be any better).

Seriously, there's #ethical #advertising, without all those flaws. So dear #companies, please switch instead of begging me to switch of my #ad #blocker!

@LuKaRo @thomasfuchs any examples of what's called "ethical advertising"?

Asking for the sake of completeness of the rant about how why I hate the ad industry I'm finishing writing.

@temporal @thomasfuchs I don't have any at hand right now. But searching for "ethic ads" should give results :)

For me, the ethics in advertising are:
- No animations
- No bright colors / contrasts
- No interference with content
- No nsfw content
- No tracking
- No spoofing of OS / Browser dialogues ("update"-/ "AntiVirus"-scam)
- No unethical content (scam-sites, viruses etc.)

Maybe the ads on can be called ethic:


@LuKaRo @temporal @thomasfuchs WebSuggest is an open source, ethical advertising network, soon to be released:

@temporal @LuKaRo @thomasfuchs You can check out the repo on Gitlab. I also post about it from time to time on Mastodon. I'm looking for contributors so if you're really interested please PM me!

@jwinnie @LuKaRo @temporal Nice! I don’t have anything against advertising, I actually found nice new products here and there through it—but but websites currently do isn’t advertising, it’s invasive abuse of you and your computer.

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