@noorul @Purism rebrand an open source project as your own and sell it, classy


@sir @noorul @Purism What they've done is provide hosting for non-experts to make FOSS more accessible. In my opinion, that's a positive contribution to the community.

@sir @noorul @Purism Most people would be overwhelmed by the difference between the source code and the hosting service. Most people just want a finished product they can consume.

@jwinnie @noorul @Purism sure. But what are they going to do with the money? They make no mention of giving back to the communities they're profiting from.

@sir @jwinnie @noorul @Purism

As far as I know, Purism aren't charging for the software, they're charging for the hosting.

It is ok to ask people for money if you're supplying hosting services.

@switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism generally I agree, but they're rebranding everything and have shown no indication of sending any support upstream

@jeremiah_ has said that they contribute code upstream. I haven't seen it so I can't speak to the accuracy but there is that. My only problem with the whole thing is that they haven't given credit to the apps they've forked or the backends they'll be using. To address that point, however, @brandon just said that they're working on a blog post to sort it all out 👇

On one hand, I can see this being very good for FLOSS, privacy, security, etc. but I can also see it being very bad if they don't make it clear enough that users have a choice. I can see users thinking that Purism is the only company offering these services when, in reality, there are hundreds of organisations and people who offer the same products for free. Granted, they wouldn't be run by an actual organisation but the choice is what matters imo.

@switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism

@amolith @jeremiah_ @brandon @switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism looking forward to that article. Purism has been on my shit list for the VPN crap, so I'm not likely to give them the benefit of the doubt at the moment.

@sir @jeremiah_ @brandon @switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism
I'm not happy with them including PIA by default either. When I heard about it on some podcast, the hosts were talking about how great it was but I was just thinking about how users are going to end up not even exploring alternatives or, worse, thinking that using a VPN 24/7 makes them secure and increases privacy by 10000%.

@amolith @jeremiah_ @brandon @switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism it inspired me to write an article about VPNs:


I also spoke to Todd Weaver over email, to no avail (as expected). As they say, it's impossible to get someone to understand something his salary depends on not understanding

@sir @jeremiah_ @brandon @switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism

I've read it and recommended it to a number of people who ask me if they can use my Wireguard VPN. I want to make sure they know what they're doing and not using it for the wrong reasons before exchanging keys.

I'd never heard that saying before but I love it 😂

@sir @amolith @jeremiah_ @brandon @switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism
I don't see how adding an opt-out VPN makes purism worse than other manufacturers.
Sure, there is room for improvement. But now I can tell my friends where they can buy stuff as fancy as the things Apple/Microsoft/Google offer, but way less questionable. Convincing people to use open source is good for everyone.

@amolith @sir@cmpwn.com @brandon @switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism Purism commits actively to GNOME, Linux, coreboot, heads, as well as sponsoring various organizations and events around Free Software, like the FSF. We're also very interested in Wireguard. I personally have been testing Wireguard without much success at the moment but that may be PEBKAC and not the fault of Wireguard.

@jeremiah_ @amolith @brandon @switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul

Yeah, not contributing code upstream is terribly unfair to them. They're literally building an entirely responsive interface for #GNOME that could make the #Linux desktop much more viable on tablets, where Linux currently has almost no presence, even when I include #Android, which I shouldn't.


@jeremiah_ @amolith @brandon @switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism

Curious about mail which software purism forked for mail 🤔

and its openvpn what they call Tunnel?

@sir @switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism

The guys at @purism have taken a pretty strict upstream-first approach with all of their projects in the past. I'm pretty sure that all (sensible) changes will be upstreamed, eventually. They could of course donate money, too!

@sir @switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism

Its centralization in a way but if they were more open about it than people wont have any issue with it.

puri.sm/posts/how-purism-works you can see the list of projects and partnerships here. You have to take things in perspective, they have a track record of working with Free Software projects and most of the people working there are also contributors to well known Free Software projects. puri.sm/about/team/
@switchingsocial @jwinnie@mastodon.cloud @noorul @Purism

Yep, they brand the services, like any provider does when they launch services. I use postfix, samba, Debian, GNU/Linux, zabbix, drupal, nextcloud, django,... and most of my clients do not know or even care. Besides, @purism heavily contributes to GNOME, Linux, coreboot and probably others, so you chose a very bad target to complain about...
@switchingsocial @jwinnie @noorul @Purism

@sir @jwinnie @noorul@quey.org @Purism Purism is using the money to pay people to work on the FOSS projects they use, so that everyone (not just Purism customers) benefit.

@sir @noorul @Purism and the more companies that use an open source product, the higher the chance of it being maintained. Go Purism! Your work is highly appreciated in the FOSS community.

@jwinnie @sir @noorul@quey.org @Purism

Hides all the difficult stuff (like credits, and how things actually work) from the users, check. Gives back to the FOSS community, check. Merely uses FOSS, check. Claims it is not evil, check. Pays people to work on FOSS, check.

I haven't had time to read the entire thread, we are talking about Apple/Google, right?

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