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I follow a policy of only tooting links and images that I think others may find interesting, and I try to avoid low-quality content.

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White leftists have no footing to claim that what a democratically elected indigenous man did while in power, (a man who pulled MILLIONS out of poverty and IMF backed destruction, who united the indigenous peoples, one who nationalized many of their natural resources to fight back against corporatization) "wasn't enough", to hold a microscope to their perceived pitfalls and mistakes/poor policy positions, while ignoring the megatons of good and the importance of having leftist indigenous representation in Latin America, is honestly your whiteness showing fuckin HARD

If you ain't up in arms over the coup and the amount of racism and abuse the indigenous people are facing as a result and have the "well..actuaally.." attitude about it, then block me. Either you can learn, listen, and understand, or you can leave.

This is a fascist anti-indigenous US backed Coup in order to destablize the country to steal the resources they wished to nationalize.

Stop repeating neolib talking points.

NordVPN Hacked, cover up 

Anyone else get an email from GitLab telling them that they're adding tracking scripts and until you agree to it your access to the website and API are revoked?

**"Unprecedented" Protests Rage Across Lebanon as People Demand PM's Resignation and End to Austerity**

"Mass protests in Lebanon have entered their sixth day as hundreds of thousands around the country are taking to the streets to demonstrate against dire economic conditions, austerity and corruption, demanding the country's leaders step down. The protests were spark…"

#news #bot

C4SS has ejected an author who goes by the pseudonym BlackCat because of certain inflammatory tweets and articles about indigenous nationalism

#BernieOnMastodon - anyone active, please give this some RTs - I am pitching Faiz Shakir (Bernie's Campaign Manger) on the Bernie Mastodon Server idea. Thanks a lot for boosts! 🚀 Also, feel free to comment in the thread, linked below. ❤️

Someday I hope all of our chips were fabbed by a hardware hacker down the street

I'm working on something that makes it easier to monitor the apps on Flathub and one of the things I wanted is runtime usage graphs.

If you don't know how to stop a tank - stop a tank factory.
Or one of hundreds of other institutions we collected on this map. They are all supporting and benefiting from the mass murder of the people of #Rojava !


follow the link to see that full map:
(note about the map: it's open for editing. So feel free to join maintaining it.)
#Riseup4Rojava #defendRojava

Turkish Weapons Boycott :rojava: 

Boycott Turkey!

The following is a list of corporations who are benefiting from arrangements with the Turkish state.

Organize a blockade or other action to let them know we won’t let them profit from genocide.


#BoycottTurkey #Riseup4Rojava

I've started collecting a list on my website of contemporary autonomous collectives. I plan on adding their rough population, so I can ultimately have a count of there are X people living in anarchy today.

@ me with more, please. (I literally just started it so it doesn't have the Zapatistas or the International Commune of Rojava, even though I've talked about like, both of those today.) But @ me with any, please!

**Apple drops Hong Kong tracking app following Chinese criticism**

"iPhone manufacturer Apple has removed a smartphone app criticized by China for aiding anti-government protesters in Hong Kong. Apple said the app had "been used to target and ambush police.""

#news #bot

Moore's law: The number of transistors in a CPU doubles every two years

Node's law: The resource requirements of your web application doubles every two years

It's all a zero-sum game

It's so cool that the different apps on the Fediverse can federate so you can browse PixelFed posts on Mastodon.

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