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I make an open source, privacy-respecting advertising network called WebSuggest. Contributors welcome!

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The sale of the .ORG domain registry to a private equity firm would impact the nonprofits you care about. Join the 24,000 people demanding it be stopped.

GNU internal politics, saving receipts 

@Fairphone Are you planning to make the Fairphone Linux-compatible anytime soon? Or ship a "Linux edition" with no OS preinstalled?

A lot of people are confused by git. Most of these people, I reckon, learned it from the outside in - from the command-line interface down. If you started with git by asking "how do I sync up my changes with my peers", then you might get the answer, but you will be missing the foundation on which that answer is built. This is the main source of confusion with git.

The better way is to learn git from the inside out. You should first learn about what objects are and how they're stored and identified, and how they relate to each other. You should learn what blobs, trees, and commits actually are, and how they relate to each other, and how commits form a linked list from which a graph of all objects can be derived.

Then you should learn how the ref database gives friendly names like "master" and "feature/foobar" to objects, and how the reflog tracks changes to references over time.

THEN, and only then, should you learn how to use the CLI. Then you can learn about using the staging area to add objects to the database and create commits, and how doing this updates the reflog.

Git makes total sense when you approach it from this angle. Supposedly hard tools like git rebase are totally understandable when you view them with the appropriate foundational knowledge.

Git is a tool which you will reach for hundreds of times a day, every day, for your entire career. Maybe it's worth learning about properly.

CIA secretly owned the world's leading supplier of encryption systems to other countries. Crypto AG sold rigged machines to more than 100 nations.

"It was the intelligence coup of the century."

People claiming that Mozilla hasn’t done anything “of value” in the last few years are hilarious, just admit that you don’t care.

Here is a few things Mozilla has released or was working on the last two years:

integration and partial shipping of WebRender in Firefox
GeckoView is a web view for Android with significantly higher flexibility than the default, used in Apps like Firefox Focus and available to all
the launch of several useful online services for quick, encrypted and personal file sharing for alerting you about data breaches containing registered email addresses of yours

rolling out the Enhanced Tracking Protection program that blocks common tracking techniques and malware like cryptominers by default in Firefox
the release of DeepSpeech an automatic speech recognition engine with pre-trained models publicly available

I could go on. Criticism is OK, as it always is, but in order to do that you have to be informed.

Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize…

Ahem! #2020 #nobel #peace #prize #nominees #wikileaks #julianassange #assange #xychelsea #manning #edwardsnowden #snowden all nominated! (People keep asking where all the #heroes have gone, they’re right here!)

#AppCenterForEveryone is 100% funded. What’s next? Learn how existing backers can get more swag, see how people who haven’t backed yet can still get the limited-edition perks, and hear some thoughts about stretch goals.

Systemd Home Directories (Systemd-Homed) Merged

(submitted by signa11)

YouTube admits error over Bitcoin video purge

The video-sharing platform says a crackdown on crypto-currency videos and channels was a mistake. #deletegoogle #nogoogle


Hey netizens, please, *please* stop doing unpaid marketing work for YouTube by embedding their videos on your websites. I understand continuing to upload videos there to reach the large audience that already use it, but that doesn't mean you have to link to them. If you also upload your videos on a #PeerTube instance, or some other more independent video host, and embed those on your sites, you can help to grow the audience for ethical video hosting networks.

Why arent people who talk about decentralization / open source / FOSS promote peertube, they still use youtube. We should ask them to upload to both as @ChrisWere does.
Let the user decide the platform to watch.

If the definition of malware is software that secretly works against your interests, then Windows 10 is technically malware.

NordVPN Hacked, cover up 

Anyone else get an email from GitLab telling them that they're adding tracking scripts and until you agree to it your access to the website and API are revoked?

**"Unprecedented" Protests Rage Across Lebanon as People Demand PM's Resignation and End to Austerity**

"Mass protests in Lebanon have entered their sixth day as hundreds of thousands around the country are taking to the streets to demonstrate against dire economic conditions, austerity and corruption, demanding the country's leaders step down. The protests were spark…"

#news #bot

C4SS has ejected an author who goes by the pseudonym BlackCat because of certain inflammatory tweets and articles about indigenous nationalism

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