In non-Mastodon news . . .

The Seattle City Council voted to set up a $1.3 million legal aid fund for immigrants facing deportation.

This strikes me as an incredibly bold move. I hope it catches on.

How do you reshare a toot with added text?

Also, it seems editing tooted toots is not possible? Once tooted, a toot must be deleted to be altered?

<-- toot newb

What I could use on this instance is a 'translate from Japanese to English' button. I feel there is much I'm missing.

How does blocking work on a federated platform?

On the Syrian missile attack:

The problem is not missile strikes against Syrian bases in response to Syrian use of chemical weapons. The problem is the impetuousness of the decision and the utter lack of an overall strategy. It is deeply concerning when someone who just discovered that health care reform is complicated decides to fix the Syrian civil war. Could missile strikes and some form of military engagement be part of a rational US strategy re Syria? Maybe, but Trump is winging it.

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