@StorkBrian Thank you for your efforts. I will call my senators here in Georgia - I am sure they are already supportive of such a ban. Here in Georgia the rate of violence has increased exponentially as the state politicians continue to loosen gun laws. A national assault weapons ban is a good first step....

From one dog lover to another here's a picture of my two girls, Charlotte & Raven, who provide comfort & joy to me every day.

I’m flying to Washington, D.C. tomorrow along with 50 other physicians to lobby the Senate to pass the assault weapons bill. Please pray for us & for our county.
#PasTheBan #America #MarchFourth

@cwwilkie I think this is a great gesture and one that I will take eventually with my old journals. Seems I mostly wrote in them when I was miserable and depressed - probably a good thing for me to do at the time - but makes for some awful reading later on.

@jayarnold Perfect! I don't like Newt Gingrich at all and usually tune him out, but his obsevations in regards to President Biden are quite interesting. It must really annoy him to acknowledge Biden's success.

"Newt Gingrich warns GOP: Biden's winning"

@jayarnold Can you provide a link to the Axios article? I'd like to read it. Thanks.

A woman was arrested for "chemical endangerment" for using drugs while pregnant. The problem: She wasn't pregnant. So officers released her, but told her if she gets pregnant in the next few month she will be re-arrested.

The people who told us we were overreacting when Roe was overturned were never arguing in good faith and also they were very wrong.


Here's another issue that so called pro-lifers don't care about.

"Child’s death, other breakdowns raise questions for DFCS"

Forcing women who don't want children to have them anyway will only add another layer of burden on this already heavily burdened (and incompetent) agency. We've been reading about these issues for years.... it's only going to get worse with women being forced to have children and no governmental support.


@ehollowell so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us.

I grew up in Alaska but haven't lived there in a really long time. I miss it.

The judge wanted to know if she had received counseling at the #abortion clinic. “Did they give you, for instance, any statistics about how many women regret or don’t regret it five, 10, 12, 20 years from now?” They hadn’t.

“I’m basically standing in the stead of your parents by making this decision,” the judge continued. “In doing so, I want to make sure that I would treat this as if you were my daughter.”

How States Limit Teen Access to Abortion

By Lizzie Presser



This article makes me so angry. The judge tells this girl "I want to make sure that I would treat this as if you were my daughter” and tells the reporter, "he didn’t want to impose his personal views about abortion on" this girl. Both statements are untrue and disingenuous.

He forces her to give birth and now where is he? What is he doing now to help his "daughter" become a successful parent? How is Texas stepping up to help her? Where are all the so called "pro-lifers" now?

If you are a pregnant teen (<18) in any of the 36 states with a "parental-involvement" law, getting an abortion requires involving your parents or petitioning a judge for permission. Or you can travel out of state.

I made these maps for Lizzie Presser's incredible and infuriating story about teen access to abortion and the devastating impact of parental-involvement laws. propublica.org/article/how-sta

WOW! Over 300k Georgia voters queued up to vote yesterday. This is so encouraging!

I'll be going to the polls to early this week and am excited to vote (again) for the best candidate, my Senator Raphael Warnock.

Record 301K early votes cast in one day in Georgia runoff for US Senate


@d0n I voted here & on twitter. I am a long-term paying user even though I'm not a very good photographer and haven't used it much lately. I will continue to support and would love to see move into the .

Posting to Mastodon automatically


I’ve managed to get a post to automatically post to my timeline via feed and . I’m new to Mastodon and IFTTT so it’s taken several tries to get it working, but its still not completely the way I want to see it.

There’s also a lag, spanning from 30″ to over an hour, before the post shows up on Mastodon.

@texanincarolina Your timeline should already be in chronological order. What you may be seeing are boosted posts and replies that don't appear in the order you expect. You can turn off boosted posts & replies & see if that makes a difference.

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