"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers" is probably a LOT truer than most of us think.

It is probably to the right etiquette, but I would like to federate this storm from the bird site :)


Matt Mullenweg has reportedly committed to add ActivityPub to Tumblr. This is a huge deal. Exactly what I hoped to see: a growing federation of social platforms, all committing to work with each other. It’s happening.

That said, I do think federation might work well for a very simple "communication" network where most messages are pretty basic so Mastodon might work well!

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Another reason federation is not good enough is visible in emails. The email protocols are federated (and ActivityPub is very much like email).

In practice, federation means that all clients have to agree on the smallest possible common denominator for it to work, otherwise the content will just look weird to many.

Have you ever received calendar invites as emails from a 3rd party email provider? They look strange (and realistically there are only 3 calendar providers sending these).

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And that reason is that federation is not good enough.

I would argue that for some people it may even be worse because the rules for a given server may be a lot more arbitrary than the ones on Twitter for example. We also must be real and see that most people will *not* run their own servers.

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I am trying to gather my thoughts on why federation is not good enough for decentralized social networking.

It might be surprising to a lot of you given the work I have done over the last 15+ years now, but I also think there is a reason why we needed someone to *destroy* Twitter (or its experience for us) for many of us to look at Mastodon seriously even though it has been here for a LONG time.

The biggest lie in the fediverse is that you can bring your social graph with you.

It's just not true.

I am worried that "content" federation is unfortunately _not_ the way to solve the challenges that we have.

What we need to decentralize is the "membership graph" (aka social + interest graph) so that "followers" can actually access/follow folks in multiple places without having to rebuild the graph _everywhere_.

@Julien51 Tool called fedi-block-api, but for proper functioning it requires to crawl a whole fediverse

So there's working instance of it:

Is there a tool that shows what other instances/servers are blocked from this one, and which ones block it?

My concern is that moving one's social graph from Twitter to a specific Mastodon instance is only going to bring the same outcome.

In the Fediverse model (federation), the content travels, but the social graph itself is still locked in

I found a tool created by @andybaio to find people to follow based on the social network you built in the bird site!

It's good. Try it: fedifinder.glitch.me/

It took less than 2 hours for Musk's little puppy Donald to start following folks again after he said he would not get back on the bird site...

I actually don't think Twitter will go away.
If anything the traffic is probably higher then it's every been there.

But i also think we're all being played out there. It's just yet another attention grabbing technique.

If there's one thing I'm learning from the FTX meltdown: we need to do more education about crypto, web3 and associated technologies.

If you have questions, I'm here to help answer some of them.

Let's do this, mastofriends, who should I follow?

Please help me kickstart this new filter bubble!


^ this obviously does not protect... but I would love to find someone who could help me build some membership gating in here!

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