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Praktisch. Den paar Leuten, die noch ausschließlich bei Twitter sind, folge ich nun einfach über einen Proxy bei Mastodon. Zum Beispiel der (noch) stille Account von @timpritlove wird lebendig via @timpritlove@tweets.icu tweets.icu/

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In ~24 hours my Twitter account is going to stop following all accounts, will force-remove all of its followers, and keep a tool running to remove any new ones.

This will keep existing tweets up to preserve external links and allow other's retweets and favorites to remain. But mine will have a nice clean 0 for followers and following.

The tool I slapped together in an hour is at github.com/JakeWharton/singula if you want to do the same, although admittedly its first production test will be tomorrow 🤞

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I've read many requests to add Mastodon links to GitHub profiles for verification and discovery purposes.

My team is working on allowing you to add a number of social profile links, but given upcoming holiday vacations, it won't ship until the new year. We don't want to rush something out at the potential cost of disrupting what is generally a quiet time for our engineers.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't talk about in progress work on social media, but y'all seem like you can keep a secret.


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