@withzombies I know exactly enough to say that is external flow modelling, and does not apply to my use-cases, which are all internal flow modelling.

I'm not sure I even know enough to say that, now that I think about it more. 🤔

Twitter news, including a Twitter link 

@benj I wonder if my little joke got out of hand... 🤔

Finally been dipping my toes into CFD simulation and I'm pretty amazed at what you can do with a free simscale.com account. I'm at no risk of becoming an expert, but even a novice like myself can use it well enough to save countless wasted hours and spools of filament on test prints.

@quidity I find it very soothing to watch a 3D printer run. I can sit there just hypnotized watching it put down layer after layer.

@lcamtuf I have some free time on my hands while the kids are at school.

@lcamtuf While most of the lawyer experiences I've had over the course of my career were good, I've had a few very bad ones, and if that's all you've ever had I could see it making one a bit apprehensive. That stated, my experience with security teams that don't like lawyers is that they tended to be insular and uncooperative in general, and not just with legal.

@lcamtuf That's the beauty of Fox News. They make most of their money off of TV carriage fees, not advertising. And the contracts on those are for several years. So, I'd have a decent amount of runway to play out my nefarious schemes.

If I'd been a tech billionaire with tens of billions of dollars burning a hole in my pocket I'd have bought News Corp for like $11B and slowly transitioned all its media outlets to genuine news. Fox News? It's actual news now. WSJ? No more editorial page. NY Post? Party like it's 1975.

US Politics 

@Viss Yeah, I don't think her position on stock trades is defensible, but I look at it in terms of her whole tenure and the time she lived through. (Remember, when she came to the House retiring Reps could pocket their entire saved campaign balance.)

Also, I appreciate that she and her leadership team are all stepping down and creating space for the next generation (if a bit belatedly).

US Politics 

I openly admit that Nancy Pelosi's politics aren't far from my own. But regardless of where your views fall, it's inarguable that she's been one of the most effective speakers in the history of the House. She's a been legislative machine while managing the most complex and diverse caucus in history—and she did it all backwards and in heels.


@jyasskin @Log3overLog2 @mikamckinnon Yep. I get the reason for not supporting it, because the whole quote-shame-as-reply pattern is kinda toxic. But there's no denying that you're losing quite a bit of positive usage along with it.

@hacks4pancakes I miss my city. Finally headed back over Christmas for the first time in three years. Really looking forward to being home for a bit.

@dbloom Double last names are so weird. I remind my kids of this whenever I see their weird last names.

I'm drinking celebratory bourbon right now. I've been having a celebratory bourbon every night since Tuesday. I get two more celebratory bourbons depending on how the House and Arizona governor's race go... or I get a consolation bourbon for each. After that I'm back to a low bourbon diet.

@withzombies @anticomputer Oh crap, I have to get back to that on Monday. I have a whole script planned out for my first day under Musk, and at least I think it's pretty funny.

@stshank Agreed. I grew up with The Star and Southtown Economist (est. 1906!) covering the Chicago south suburbs. I even had some video game articles published in the Southtown Economist as a teenager. They merged in the mid aughts to hang on, but the Trib vultured them up several years later. And obviously the Trib isn't in great shape these days either.

@stshank Yeah, I subscribe to my locals (though I rarely read them) and a few nationals. I also donate quite a bit more annually to some of the non-profits, but I'm still unclear on what commercial viability is in a world where news outlets will never again have geographic advertising monopolies.

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