A really fascinating interactive page to learn much about your body.
How much of your body is your own?
Our bodies are extraordinary. They contain elements that have a commercial value, megabytes of data, and trillions of cells, most of which aren't our own

A great article about attitude and how a positive attitude can really improve your life.
Why Attitude Matters

As I've been reading and learning more and more about and , it's very apparent that we can feel happier if we focus on things we can control instead of wasting time on things that we can't. While quarantining isn't fun, we can still choose to focus on things we can control. From HK to Australia to the EU to America, the world is reeling from the effects of , but every day we can choose how we react to the coronavirus and its economic and social effects.

This is my 300th toot. I didn't expect I'd get here by this point. 😃😊

A great explanation about the Coronavirus.
The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

The Daily 5 🖐 - How To Survive & Thrives in Times of Crisis - YOUR DAILY ROUTINE IS YOUR DESTINY 👊

Is your local fitness gym closed due to the ? If so, you shouldn't use this as an excuse to not . You could always go running outside, work on stretching, and do with your own bodyweight. See YouTube for videos on etc.

Some ideas and tips for how you can improve your life during these tough times.
The Daily 5 - Find the Positive, Resist the Panic & Transform this Crisis Into Opportunity🙏🏼👊♥️😊

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do
How to avoid the pitfalls that can keep you from reaching your full potential

A great video about how to have a great mindset to improve your life.
Mindset Expert Shows You How to Control Your Negative Thoughts | Trevor Moawad on Impact Theory

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