A great documentary that is mainly about emotions in animals, and how humans aren't that different from other mammals with regards to our brain anatomy and our emotions.
Discovery Channel Why Dogs Smile And Chimpanzees Cry

A great video about
A tale of resilience: ‘How I survived a horrific loss’

Lessons from the above video:
1. Understand that suffering is part of life
2. Tune in to the good
3. Ask yourself, 'Is this helping or harming me?'

10 Ways to Boost Resilience (From Dr. Amen's Book "Magnificent Mind At Any Age") 🧠😀😂🤔
1. Gather information
2. Develop a personal sense of control
3. Build self-esteem
4. Keep your pleasure centers healthy
5. Clear up past traumas
6. Face your fears
7. Strengthen your ability to deal with adversity
8. Use positive emotions, especially laughter
9. Rely on a moral compass
10. Nurture social support

One More Reason to Rethink the Power of Positive Thinking
In the long run, realists may be happier than optimists, an 18-year study finds.

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