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Today's an amazing day 🤩. #OpenAI opened up access to the public to use DALL-E 2, which is an AI technology that takes natural language text, and from that can generate a real image, made by an AI, not a human. I tested it by giving it the text "a cute black dog playing tennis". Look at the amazing #dogpics generated. It may be the case in the near future, that a photograph made by an AI is indistinguishable from a photograph made by a human in the real world. #DALLE2 #DALLE #WatsonDogProducts

The wait for getting access to is finally over 🤩. You can now signup for free with to use DALL·E. DALL-E and DALL-E 2 are models designed to take natural language text and generating images.

New video is up!!! 😃😎
3 Full Years Of Taking Only Cold Showers — With 5 Benefits Of Taking Cold Showers

writers are getting so good, at such amazing rates, that I think within a short time, will be better at than even the best in the world, assuming they aren't already at that stage.

Inside a radical new project to democratize AI
A group of over 1,000 researchers has created a multilingual bigger than —and they’re giving it out for free.

A good intro to the new large language model with 176 billion parameters 😲. BLOOM's abilities and quality of its output blow my mind, and I think it might be as good as or even better.

I finally made another video. I hope you enjoy it!
The 3 Most Commonly Used Incoterms ✈️🚚🚢📦

Before you can accomplish anything great you must first believe it is possible and that you can do it. is a prerequisite to accomplish almost any big .

"When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences."—Dr. Phil McGraw

I recently started reading "Principles" by Ray Dalio. So far, it's been one of the best books I've ever read. It's little surprise that according to him, he became one of the top 100 richest people in the world. He's very wise, like a modern day or .

For those of you looking for some great, free resources for or just for improving your skills, the following site has an excellent curated list of the top projects on .

The feeling I get when I finally solve a programming problem that I've spent over 10 hours on and that has been driving me crazy.

Frozen baby mammoth discovered in Yukon excites Canada
A whole baby woolly mammoth has been found frozen in the permafrost of north-western Canada - the first such discovery in North America.

... digitized, and I don't have the burden of having hundreds or thousands of papers that I almost never use. Having a high-speed scanner can be especially useful for those with . I think it's an extremely good in investment. I've gotten rid of literally years worth of my notes and papers.

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In the past 2 days, I've scanned hundreds, maybe thousands of pages. It's all due to having a high-speed scanner which can scan over 50 pages per minute, double-sided. It has taken hours of work, but probably has saved me days if not weeks of work, if I scanned each document individually. I've combined ideas from lots of people. I especially like Marie Kondo's philosophy and the methodology. In the end, I can have peace of mind, knowing that my documents are ...

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