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If it turns out that U.S. Senators were using inside knowledge of a pandemic to protect their financial holdings while bullshitting the rest of us and putting us in peril, that's not just a crisis for the GOP, but for our system of government. That's enormous.

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To all the folks trying to recreate school at home, with highly structured schedules & worksheets: we teach that way in schools because of CROWD CONTROL, not because it's the best way to learn. Kids have a rare opportunity here to engage in deep, authentic learning instead. 1/

This was 1) not an optimal weekend to move to a new apartment, and 2) not an optimal day to only have Internet at the old place, but everything else at the new place.

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hi, it’s me, a food service employee! & uhhh... no offense or anything, but i’ve seen how some of you... live? so in case you’ve, just spitballing here, found yourself w/ a pile of quarantine food but haven’t eaten anything but takeout in 25 years: here is some food safety info.

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In global disaster movies, there’s always a scientist who’s like, WE HAVE TO ACT NOW OR PEOPLE WILL DIE and some government guy who’s like, YOU’RE BLOWING THIS OUT OF PROPORTION and I’m like, NO ONE WOULD REACT TO INFO LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE.

My apologies to those movies.

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If six months from now people say "we overreacted it wasn't as bad as people on twitter said it was going to be" then we will know we were successful.

BOOMERS: Why does your generation take climate change so seriously?

MILLENNIALS: This is the last scene from our favorite show growing up-

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do you ever have something funny pop into your head and then you google it to see if anyone else has thought of it, and they have, and it's better than you could ever imagine?

I read this over the weekend and I'm still furious about it

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Today in unexpected mass work from home problems:

Facebook's VPN IP got banned from DoorDash because so many people were trying to order food from home while connected to the corporate network.

So sad :( if you’re too young to remember this computing project it was ahead of its time and an intriguing idea.

The greatest gift that has given me is that I’m now somewhat pleased every time I receive a “Scam Likely” call.

An excellent video from where the cofounder of Naughty Dog explains how they got every last ounce of power out of the PlayStation 1 when developing Crash Bandicoot:

If you die in Jira you die in real life.

An excellent video from where the cofounder off Naughty Dog explains how they got every last ounce of power out of the PlayStation 1 when developing Crash Bandicoot:

Why does the menu for a flagged message in iOS 13 Mail show an untappable “Unflag” heading? Seemingly the only way to unflag is to tap the last icon with the same hierarchy as alternate flags, so why call the heading “Unflag”? Confuses me every time.

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